Legacy of the Drums

The Drum Spirit Who’s larger Than life – The One That Sleeps On Its Side – The Initiates Know The Secret Of The Tortoise – The One That Breathlessly Take The Marketplace By Storm. The Sharpen & Pointed Wood. I Seek Life & Prosperity – Not Death – Disease The Brave One In The house – The Farm. The One That Stands Strong Like Ogun In The House Looks Like The Initiates Of Orisha Oko.

A true master drummer has to be called to the drum, often from an early age. This highly respected status that is conferred by other master drummers is not easily earned. Technical agility represents only a stage through which the would-be initiate passes. In African drumming, the title of master drummer is given to a drummer who is well known by other masters for their high skill and knowledge. It is a title passed down from a master to their pupil, after they have learned all there is to know about the African drum. In general, a master drummer has given their whole life to the Spirit of the Drum. They are able to play any part of any rhythm for their ethnic group and neighboring ethnic groups, in any ceremonial situation. They also knows the songs and dances that go with each rhythm.

I’ve come so far and achieved so much… But the best part of it all is that this is only the beginning… I will never stop growing… For my evolution is eternal and I am forever becoming…