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The Opele (Irere) consists of eight half-nuts of the Opele tree with convex/concave sides linked at regular intervals by short strands of chain & swivels at the ends. 
The Divnng Chains are made by Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu. The Divining Chain, which is about one foot to two feet long, usually consist of eight halves of Seed (Egbere) shells or Pods ( Agutan) joined together by sections of Brass Chain.
Various objects – including beads, cowries, shells, coins, buttons, rings, small bells, and bits of metal – are attached to the bottom of the pods at either end of the Chain.

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Rhythm ensembleRhythms – Chants – Drumming from West Africa & Cuba
  • Mali (Bambara) = Guinee (Malinke) = Gambia (Mandinka) = DanXome (Fon) = Nigeria (Yoruba) = Ghana (Ewe & Asante)
  • West African Cuban Havana & Matanzas: (Lukumi, Bantu, Arara, Guiro, Bembe, Ijesha, Rumba, Abakua)


You Will Learn: Fundamentals of Rhythms = How to fabricate, upkeep, consecrate, and play your instrument =  Hidden aspects of the songs which originated from the holy Odu of Orunmila/Ifa.

I will work on engaging the participants using different approaches and the power of storytelling to communicate in memorable ways. Connecting with the participants in distilling coded messages.

Participants will practice answering questions clearly and briefly. This is a challenging form of distilling your message in different settings. This includes building physical confidence using role-playing to help the participants deliver their messages to their favorite…or least favorite… audience.

Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu continues to travel and hold seminars and workshops related to percussion, IFA, traditional songs and music of Africa and the African diaspora. Contact him directly to find out about his schedule, and how you can have him come to you or your community.

Secrets of the Calabash and Shekere

women of the calabash

Sacred Stories & Chants Of The Shekere & How To Fabricate & Consecrate The Shekere.

*** If you would like to learn the fundamentals of West African/Cuban Music & Culture through Sacred Stories- Rhythms  & Chants…     

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Hello Chief Yagbe! My name is Denise. But, please call me Necie. I’ve been taking shekere classes here in D.C. for a few months. My teachers are fabulous. I want to also have you as a teacher. Please provide me with your schedule. I love that you embed the creation story into your lessons. I’m also interested in traveling to Africa to gain more insight into shekeres. Can you tell me, which country in Africa first developed, i.e. created the shekere?