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FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful…

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***   Imagination Is The Beginning Of All Creation   ***
















*** Asabi Osunpemi = Thank you Chief Yagbe for your vast knowledge and sharing. It is wonderful how you are constantly enlightening us , and it is very well appreciated.

*** Erin Tunde = You’ve walked a beautiful long path… destiny of light, yet with light come darkness because we cannot have one without the other to be complete. Congratulations Yagbe Awolowo Onilu you are complete. 

Maestro Yumey La-Mole Zuluaga Cuba

*** Gustavo Cayro = Always grateful to Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu for sharing knowledge of the essence of our being… Of our experience as souls in the human vessel, on this planet, in this universe.

*** Betty Alridge = As always Baba, your words are breathing renewed life into my soul, Maferefun Orunmila and blessings to you.

***Scott “Chiqutico” Wardinsky = Yagbe Awolowo Onilu has dedicated his life’s work to the preservation, elevation, and maintenance of African cultural traditions in the Diaspora and Africa. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge and information and as I always I salute and am edified by his work. Modupe Baba.

*** Oshun Muyiwa  = You offer a beautiful rich visual experience rooted in a wealth of knowledge. Your website is an excellent source to explore the undeniable beauty, power, and spiritual force that has endured against tremendous odds. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring all of the necessary elements together for this website. Aboru, Aboye, Abosise Gbogbo Eriwo 











   Hope Isabelle = Thank you so much for this in-depth information. I am deeply touched by these powerful words and images. The sacredness of the drum cannot be under estimated, yet alas is often what happens in America. Thank you Yagbe Awolowo Onilu for answering my call. This is so timely. I am very grateful for this information to fuel my knowledge and thirst to learn.

*** Stephanie BernardThe information is vital to our progress in understanding tradition…knowing the origin of ritual/practices helps me a great deal. I am not a scholar, but I am a learner. That said, I found interesting similarities between this tradition and Egun as I know it through the Lukumi/Yoruba tradition. The raffia and palm frond dress reminds me of how I saw Babaluaye represented in Brazil. Thank you again… There is so much to learn!

*** MyMecca Earth = This is truly an awesome site !  Fascinating read. I’m so grateful to have discovered this site with such prestige and accuracy. Thank you Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu.

*** Mar Tandy =  Me gusta mucho todo lo publicas me lo trámites se ve que eres apasionado en todo lo que quieres y en lo que haces verdaderamente toda mi admiración.




*** Jim Greiner I am hugely moved and humbled to be included in this photo tribute to the power of the Calabash Sekere to uplift and move people in both ancient and modern traditions! Thank you, Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu, for these very inspiring photos! And thank you for including me in this series! Blessings to you.

Women of The Calabash

***Eduardo VyllaronnAboru Aboye Abosise! I am passionate about each of your post! I’m Brazilian, and through your posts I’ve been opening opportunities of discussions and research on our community, making people free from ignorance and distorted beliefs from our colonization time. I want to publicly say THANK YOU and send all sort of blessings and gratitude. Thank you so much for such beautiful efforts. 

Les plus Belles ” Egouns ” au Bénin…

Patience Is A Virtue… The Moon & The Sun Learned Long Ago That, If Each Patiently Waits It’s Turn, They Will Both Have Their Chance To Shine.

 ***Imodoye Shabazz =  Our blessing has arrived. The Cuban coffee and Nigerian fufu is still warm but don’t forget the grits from Black Atlantis and sweet bread from Port o l Prince. A number one teacher with first hand experience with the Elders in the bush. One of the few who have and play the consecrated Bata drums. And who speak 3 or 4 languages and have traveled all over the continent. I was there when Chief Fama came from Nigeria to her first Bembe they began to play to Ifa and she remarked after dancing wow……what African country are they from? We sing those songs at home in Nigeria. Ifa Gba wao.

***Charlotte Hill O’Neal = Greetings Brother Yagbe. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying life to the fullest. I look forward to connecting again when I return to Oakland again next month. I find your website very interesting and elucidating. I will read it slowly to savor the information. May blessings and love always envelope you and keep your creativity lifted up. Much respect, Mama C

Be Mindful Of Your Self-Talk = It’s A Conversation With The Universe…   Giant Egg Remained Forever: In the shell of this Egg had four horizontal lines and next to the lines had twelve points in two rows of six. These marks were the signs of those immortal living in Heaven.

“If You Break A Coconut On A Man’s Head – He Will Not Enjoy Eating It.”
Let’s look at the Coconut as a metaphor for one’s head and by extension, wisdom. We know that in Yoruba, Coconut (Agbon) refers to wisdom by the common use of “Agboniregun” (Wisdom of Reproach) to describe the prophet Orunmila in various Odu-Ifa. A Coconut is also like a person’s mind in that there are strong defenses on the outside and something very desirable on the inside: Potential Agreement!! If we see our proverb as the communication between two people, the teaching is that in order to come to a consensus one must make some sacrifice so that the desired idea is accepted. We cannot succeed forcing our ideas onto other people. Aboru Aboye Abosise O !!!

***felix marinho    =  Babá, parabéns pelo excelente blog , e obrigado por compartilhar conosco sua sabedoria. Sua abenção. PS.: Quando puder, gostaria que o senhor nomear-se e descreve as fotos que estão a ilustrar os textos. São muito interessantes, mas ficamos sem saber o seu significado.

***Lashawn Davis = Happiness I Salute you your information I must say is Greatness you shared the keys I have been looking for concerning the Ori . I have always head my head feed me and my Daughter and we were informed about alignment and Good Character. But we never understood the connection to the Heavens and Humans. I really appreciate your information and your knowledge you are definitely the answer to my Greatness of my elevation of my Ori. Blessings!!!

***Cage of The Soul = How grateful I am on finding your site. For your site has filled in so many missing parts for me as I continue on my personal journey of self. Thank you! Ashe!!!

***Amelia Barnes = Something that other religious groups don’t consider or think enough about. If the thought about how Ancestors don’t want to be forgotten was truly understood then communications would be a norm. I have the blessings of communicating with spirit at times & it’s delightful to hear from them. There are those who either see, smell or hear a spirit so what’s up? Let’s not forget love ones, friends or family especially knowing one day you’ll be one!!!

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