OBATALA = Owner Of All Heads…

***OBATALA =  ORISHANLA =  OBATORISA***  Father Of All Orishas & Humanity – The Orisha Of Wisdom, Knowledge & Pureness..Epa Oosha Obatala Alasho Funfun. Known as an Ancient energy, it embodies the patience, clarity of mind and wisdom that can only be attained through thoughtfulness and careful and sober consideration. Thus, Obatala is also associated with … Continue reading “OBATALA = Owner Of All Heads…”

Food *Gift from the Gods*

All ritual starts with an intention and the way magic works is that through certain steps you are able to manifest your intention. Try to always prepare and cook foods that you enjoy, as you are preparing food not only is it necessary to cook with intention, it is also necessary to visualize what magical … Continue reading “Food *Gift from the Gods*”

Atare = Agbon = Odidere…

Ataré, aka Guinea Pepper is so called because it is a native plant from the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Other common names for this spice are Guinea grains, melegueta pepper, and grains of paradise.  Alligator pepper is a West African spice which corresponds to the seeds and seed pods of Aframomum Danielli.

AGANJU… Òrìshà of Antiquity

              *** Aganju Orisha = Volcano & Wilderness *** Deity is an offspring of Obatala and Odudua. Aganju, a male Deity (Orisha) representing the land. The word Aganju means ” a desert ,” the worship of the Deity has fallen into disuse. He is syncretized with Saint Christopher. Aganju is … Continue reading “AGANJU… Òrìshà of Antiquity”

SANTERIA = Enlightenment & Transformation…

          ***Santeria Rituals & Experiences !!!Afro-Cuban Religion…  Of all the New World societies, Cuba received captives from the greatest mix of African origins. They came from all parts of the coast and interior of western Africa. The size, diversity, and continual replenishment of this population allowed a rich array of African-inspired … Continue reading “SANTERIA = Enlightenment & Transformation…”

OBI ABATA = Mystical Divination

              ***General Interpretation-Obi Abata (Kola Nuts)*** For proper use in divination, the Obi Abata (Iya Obi) must be of four segments, consisting of Two Males (Ako Meji), and Two Females (Abo Meji). These segments represent an equal balance in the forces of “light” corresponding to the masculine force and … Continue reading “OBI ABATA = Mystical Divination”


** Sakpata – Obaluaye – Soponna – Omolu  **              Babalú-Ayé =  Father  Lord Of The Earth… The Deities-Orishas… It is the view of Orunmila-Ifa that all things on earth, and in our entire universe, are conscious and alive. Everything possesses its own awareness and energy. These infinite, natural energies … Continue reading “OBALUAYE = SAKPATA…”

IYEMONJA = Mother of Waters

                  “The Mother Whose Children Are The Fish.” Iyemonja is motherly and strongly protective, and cares deeply for all her children, comforting them and cleansing them of sorrow. She is said to be able to cure infertility in women, and cowrie shells represent her wealth. She does not … Continue reading “IYEMONJA = Mother of Waters”

Obi Abata = Kola Nuts…

           OBI ABATA = KOLA NUTS = EVI NKUNE Sacred Messenger of God… Communication Between Earth & Heaven Obi -Kola Nut is an Orisha (Deity), one of the 401 Orisha which constitute a major part of the Yoruba worship system.  Obi was reduced to subordination to other Orisha because she refused … Continue reading “Obi Abata = Kola Nuts…”

IGBA ODU = Container of Existence

  SPIRITUAL CONSECRATION: (((IGBA IWA-ODU))) Oriki – Prayer = Odu… *** Odu the one with lead spear marks beautify the leopard’s face  the tiger whose body is full of small-pox like marks  spirit, Wife of my lord the deity that blesses her child  one who allows secret never to leak out it is through the … Continue reading “IGBA ODU = Container of Existence”