AGANJU… Orisha of Antiquity

              *** Aganju Orisha = Volcano & Wilderness ***

Deity is an offspring of Obatala and Odudua. Aganju, a male Deity (Orisha) representing the land. The word Aganju means ” a desert ,” the worship of the Deity has fallen into disuse. He is syncretized with Saint Christopher. Aganju is strongly associated with Shango, both Deities (Orishas) being members of the deified royal family of Oyo. In the Yoruba areas of Nigeria and Danxome, Aganju is known as a deified warrior king from the town of Shaki in the present-day Oyo State of Nigeria. He was said to walk with a sword. Shaki is in the northern part of Yorubaland that is hilly and rocky. Aganjú is a Deity (Orisha) of great antiquity.

Lukumi followers of this religion believe that Aganjú is a force that, like the sun that is his symbol, is essential for growth, as well as a cultivator of civilizations. Like the volcano with which he is also associated, he forms the foundation upon which societies are built and is the catalyst for the production of vast amounts of wealth and commerce needed for advanced development. He is most highly regarded by Lukumi practitioners for his role in assisting humans in overcoming great physical as well as psychological barriers. Like the volcano, Aganjú is noted for his legendary strength and his ability to bring about drastic change. His significance in Cuba in the past is most probably due in part to the fact that he was said to have delivered people out of bondage and helped one to carry the heaviest of burdens.

As Lord of Caves, he owns all the mineral wealth of the earth and can be appealed to part with some. He also acts as the god of untamed lands, from deserts to mountains and is the navigator, knowing the safe passages and fords across rivers. His patterns consists of nine beads: two brown, one red, one yellow, one blue, one yellow, one red, two brown is one pattern. He likes offerings of beer and beef. He may try to eat the beer bottles however. It’s one of his favorite tricks. Mediums carrying Aganju may well try and eat glass as well.  The name Aganju means uninhabited tract of country, wilderness, plain, or forest.

Aganju is the bearer of burdens, the defender of the helpless, down trodden and enslaved. Aganju is a force of life that overcomes obstacles and does the impossible. Because of this, he was a major symbol of African resistance against the enslaving European culture. In the future, may people everywhere who are persecuted and marginalized be inspired by Aganju and overcome oppression.

Ojubo Aganju Orisha

Aganju is credited with assisting humans overcome physical as well as psychological barriers, Argayu is regarded as the healer. Agayu is depicted as this great rough giant, that has no rhythm when dancing, when in fact he is one of the most docile, humble and generous Orishas in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Creator of civilizationDefender of the helpless & the oppressed…

Aganju the third sitting king of Oyo empire a very brave king. He is a lover of nature and animal. History have it that Aganju domestic a Leopard and keep it in his Palace . He hate oppression, he likes to visit the wilderness and rivers. He normally walk to anywhere with his double edge sword. He loves beads majorly with color red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, green, deep brown,, milky white. Aganju’s role as a mediator is further developed in his capacity as the ferryman who takes souls from the material to the spiritual plane after they experience death. A ferryman has to know the river he travels very well; he must chart the safest course and keep his passengers out of harm’s way. Aganju personifies the wise guide who takes people to new places.

In Cuba, Aganju is a volcano deity for the practitioners of Santeria-Lukumi religion. But there are no volcanoes in Yorubaland, nor is Aganju associated with volcanoes among the Yoruba people. In the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Candomblé, Aganju is worshiped as a manifestation or quality of the Orisha Shango, often called Xango Aganju. Aganju represents all that is explosive and lacking control. He is the embodiment of the Volcanoes.


The Fatherhood: Aganju is the son of Dada Ajaka. Other names of Aganju is also known as: Okere, Aganjusola…
Aganju is in turn regarded as a warrior king, so much so that one of his objects is the sword. A very brave king, nature, and animal lover. It is told through history that Aganju was the one who built many houses in Oyo and elevated the city’s level through his reign.
The cult of Aganju may vary in some Yoruba regions as we mentioned at the beginning of this text. Despite this, it is said that Aganju is too good to have prosperity in business, for beauty aesthetics, arts, music….

The end of his reign the reign of Aganju was prosperous and great accomplishments for the city of Oyo. However, at the end of his life his reign was shaken by a great love. In the tradition of Oyo, this Ancestor’s homeland, Aganju is had just like the other Alafins, a divine Ancestor.
Aganju wages war with another king for not giving him his daughter’s hand in marriage. Many people died in the war. It is said that Aganju because of this, kills his alleged heir named Lugbe, after finding him having intimate contacts with Iyayun. With this, Aganju was dominated by suffering and died long after.

*Ogede agbagba (ground banana) is Taboo (Eewo) for Aganju…

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  1. In the heart of the cave is The truth. the truth is the element upon which everything stands. it is the load bearer Of the earth . This element of the earth is Hardened by heat and pressure then crystallized to it sharpest point To reflect light at all angles. Where minerals and gems come from. The wealth of the earth.
    quartz Ruby Emerald agate amethyst carnelian topaz turquoise saffire diamond ? Maferefun aganju.

  2. This is one of the most simplistic explanations of who Aganju is that I have read. I was crowned to Aganju in 2011. Over the years, I have come to know who Aganju is and I am completely humbled and honored that this Orisa chose me. Recently, I was asked to give a lecture about Aganju. In researching, I came across this article and wanted to let the author know I appreciate this very much.

  3. This is my very first time hearing and reading about this deity Aganju ,
    Thank you for the detailed information

  4. I have been nudged by spirit to learn about Aganju and came across your site. Thank you for sharing this great information. Ase.o.

    1. me too !! A dream of the desert and to travel , but a Chango son(initiate ) needed to borrow my travel bag , which is all too interesting because I use this same bag to travel with Everywhere Near and far ….. Thank you so very Much for this information .

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