Aje-Witches = Elders of The Night

  Witchcraft Territory of Malignant Women-Magic Words & Practices Territory of Wizards…

***My sacred Mothers, they are everywhere – They have it all, they give it all, not to everybody  only to the faithful devotees, you always see them but you don’t know them. Sacred birds children of my Mothers – Eye that see the World, legs that walks the Earth – Giant rat makes them smile -Palm oil is the water, Liver is the food, Night is the day, Day is the night. They call them “Witches” To me they are the sacred Mothers with the master key of Earth… Mojuba Iyami o !!!!

” Mysterious Mother Osoronga Who Kills Without Sharing. The Dominant Force At Midnight. One Who Devours Human Livers Without Vomiting. One Who Vacates Only When The Market Closes. One Who Terrifies In Dreams.”

The Aje – Witches On Earth Fall Into Two Categories: Osho – Male Aje  &  Eleiye – Female Aje.

“No one can choose to initiate Aje-Iyaami; they choose who they want to initiate.” No one can say they have initiated to Iyaami or say they can initiate you. No one can have or give a shrine to the Iyami or Aje. If someone claims to have an Iyaami shrine, can give a shrine, to have been initiated to Iyaami or wants to initiate you, they are speaking falsely. It is impossible to truthfully make these claims.There is no specific shrine to Aje. To feed the Aje one must either feed them through Eshu, Orita Meta-3 road junction or the Iroko tree.

No one knows the actual Aje shrine, however according to Elders and what Ifa says, we know that the name of their house is called Ota and the name of their shrine is called Idi. No one knows the actual place of the Idi and if they do they can never say…

** According to Ifa, the difference between Men and Women is that Women are born with Ofo – Ashe or the power of the word. This power is called Aje and is rooted in the concept of Female Ashe.

Witchcraft is a Feminine art and has its power from Eshu. This power is generally attributed to older women but young women or even girls can sometimes be involved. Witchcraft power is a kind of immaterial substance which may be kept in a calabash hidden in a hole in the wall of a witch’s house or in a hollow tree. The power itself may be lodged in the roots of a tree or even in a young child. In the latter case the witchcraft power will not harm the child but on the contrary will protect the child from other witches as the child is serving one of them as a refuge.

The red tail feather of the parrot is used as a sign of witchcraft power and may be placed in the calabash or in the tree containing witchcraft power.

Yoruba cosmology is heavy in duality and polarities that are constantly seeking balance in unity. Just as there exists the polarity of Male-Female energy, within female energy itself exists a polarity that is create and destroy. Many focus on the destructive power of the mothers, giving the impression that they are destructive. However, they are also needed for all creative pursuits. The mothers are believed to possess a spiritual life force (Ashe) equal or superior to that of the deities (Orisha).

A central figure that embodies the dual nature of the mothers, and arguably the most powerful Orisha, is Oshun (leader of the Iyaami cult). Knowing that she was the source of all good things as stated in the Ifa literary corpus, Oshun never needs to vie for position among her fellow Orisha. Compared with the other Orisha, Oshun represents a higher and more inclusive religio-aesthetic concept immediately relevant to the solution of human problems, regardless of their origin, nature, or severity.

           Iroko – Oak Tree Is Sacred To Iyaami…

The trees are scattered throughout the rain forest and grow in isolation, meaning a single tree and not in clusters. In traditional Yoruba culture, villages were built around the Iroko tree. The Iroko tree is the Ifa tree of life because within the shadow of the Iroko tree there are over a 1000 species of living things living in perfect harmony. The effect of all these living things creating a balanced environment, is that the Iroko tree is an inter-dimensional portal. The tree is used both for the Ancestors and for Iyaami. In Ijebu-Ode on the full moon all the women of Iyaami meet in the Iroko tree in their astral bodies. It is taboo for men to walk past the tree on a full moon.

Witchcraft power is like a breeze, you can’t see it but it has effect. A woman can’t die possessing it. When she dies, she vomits out the invisible witchcraft and it passes to her daughter. A person can buy witchcraft power or may, as well, inherit it from another person. This mostly depends on the interest or love the witchcraft woman has in the person that is going to possess it. But it is necessary and matter of must, to give this witchcraft power to somebody before she should die. Witchcraft bought with money is not given directly, it can be given through foods such as baked beans Akara , Kola, Porridge, red Yam and many other native foods. When this is taken, the power will start to grow, until when the person will start to fly at night.

Old Saying:  The witch bird chirped yesterday, the child dies today…

Witches take part in some obscure nocturnal orgies for which one member of the witch party must supply a human child. By drinking the life blood of numerous victims, the witch is able to prolong her own life and it is for this reason that old people are suspected of being witches. A pregnant woman will avoid visiting an old woman during her pregnancy and the birth of a baby will be kept a secret from a suspected old woman. In some areas the death of a young person or child is considered unnatural and all such deaths are attributed to the work of witches.

Hand Work Of Witches: One of the most common deeds attributed to witches is interference with reproduction. Impotence is common among males and it is the prevalent idea that this is the work of witches. A witch is capable of taking the penis of a man and having intercourse, using it with the man’s wife or some other woman. The witch will then return the man’s penis but it will be altered in some way and may not be able to function.

Witch Tree Kumasi Ghana

Witches Control The Menstrual Flow of Women: They may obstruct the expulsion of the child from the womb. There is some obscure fundamental relationship between witchcraft and menstrual blood. The menstruating woman and the witch both have power to render magic and the native doctor’s medicines powerless.

Most witches transform themselves into animals like Night Owl, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Rats, Bats, Snakes, Cockroaches…

When a Witch closes her eyes she can see everywhere and can observe all that is happening.

!!!— Pledge of Allegiance to “Woman” —!!!

There’s more to me than the human eye can see. I’m a woman of purpose and destiny. A perfect design, I’m special and unique. I won’t be identified by the parts that make up my physique. My beauty is not defined by my skin or my hair and my soul has more value than the clothes that I wear. I’m not a symbol of pleasure or sex appeal; I have the natural ability to comfort and the power to heal. When God made me, It created a gem, because it fashioned me in the likeness of Her and Him. I refuse to do anything that will put myself to shame. I deserve to be treated with reverence and called by my name. I can’t be purchased or sold at any price. I Am divine, A Creator of life…

Awon Agba = Elders of the Night…
Those who eat from the intestines – Those whose have menstrual flow  made divination for the Mother Witches when they were coming from Heaven to Earth….  

Aje – Witch simply refers to the use of extrasensory clairvoyance beyond normal human knowledge in other to accomplish an aim, be it positive or negative, and it also refers to the original power given by God to Iyami Osoronga who is the Mother of Witches.

In order to do the pact or harmonious relationship called Imule, it’s important to identify the following – Imule Aje-pact with witches – Imule Osho-pact with wizards – Imule Emere-pact with Egbe spirits and Abiku.
An Imule is usually done by burning or pounding some  bones of birds, cats, tree bark, parrot feather, sometimes vultures, different leaves etc, it can be made as incision in the body or soaps after the necessary invocations and prayers are made and it will restore harmony to the user and it will act as a sign that when witches sees such a person they will grant he/she favors. Most Diviners in Nigeria often use this method. 

Reference Sources: Oduduwa Templo Dos Orixás Brazil = Taiwo Makinde


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  1. This is quite heavy. I find with the witches I know, they are extremely powerful with their projected creative thought. It saddens me that there’s a darker side with real negative behaviors, behaviors that serve to sometimes harm. However with that said, there is a time and place for everything. Still I always thought the darker side of witches was similar to a mother’s fury, righteous & scary, necessary at times & real. I do believe that if you are a witch, you must master your intentions and thoughts, as they have a wealth of power pouring in to create and manifest ideas both good or bad. If one is not careful, they can create a living hell. If one is intentional, abundance and blessings become real.Divine creator of life. Find that you are worthy of the creators love. Find that you are of that love. Create with the love and joy it brings to be connected. Thank you Baba! Positive, powerful, true.

  2. I have learned so much re-reading this post. I read it quite some ago and it held very little meaning – at that time, it was just information. Reading it now offers much greater insight and holds far greater value, evidence to me alone, that I am indeed growing in my understanding. Thank you for your continued contributions to my journey!

  3. Oshun Owner Of Birds… Osun leader of the Iyami!!!Oshun is the embodiment of women’s mystical power, the ability to control physical & spiritual forces, to create life through procreation, and the sustenance of life are considered to be ultimate power.It is the power of the Mothers (Iyami).

  4. What a detail piece on the scary phenomenon of aje! I will like to know if there is any difference in the conception of aje in the Yoruba cosmology and the Western conception of the phenomenon?

  5. How is one using such actions of any ritual for iya mi..when their is no formal prescription of initiation.If some are using methods such as dividers? Where are they getting it from.thru Esu.and dreams …would Give information to do certain rituals. As my own knowledge their are woman who are going to Africa and men to initiate to these society.since 1985 I have know of such till today..somehow they do have ile’s To my understandings and do receive pots or icons..to achieve this goal…

  6. Christian Weaver = I really enjoy your posts. Interesting and informative. Passing on knowledge and culture. Thanks

    Arleif Day = Man, gotta love you Baba. Sooo much knowledge! Thank you so much! When we do our passion… boosh! We feed others. Went to see a mother yesterday, her children were her extreme wealth, strength, and power. Her passion is being a fierce mother. Calling out all mothers, the power you play with transcends water, earth, fire, and wind. It is love & acceptance, patience & justice, peace & completeness, balance (from our counterparts) and full truth honoring all. Step to it, otherwise we just hurt ourselves. Trust & Dynamic action in truth love joy justice mystery intention balance acceptance in community. Dancing together allows all to be honored. Singing together vibrates one intention. Trusting together builds a bridge. Honoring together feeds us all. Giving thanks & appreciation to all! Want more secrets….

  7. Elaboru, Elaboye, Elabosise Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu. Thank you a hundred times over for the wealth of knowledge you share on the traditions of Ifa and the Yoruba peoples. May Eludumare and the Orisas continue to travel with, protect and enrich you on your lifes journey. Ifawunmi Oyatoke Adegboyega

  8. Good morning all, pls i will like to be advised, is it good to seek help from Aje funfun and hope it has no commitment or anything like repercussion from seeking them. Thanks

  9. I NEED to know the name of the song playing in the background and where I can find it. Its been driving me crazy! Does anyone know?

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  11. I found this to be very helpful to me. Recently, I have been approached by Baba, expressing a dream he had where I appeared as Elegba (half of my face white and the other half black). He explained that I am a child of Esu and also a witch. Prior to meeting Baba, I had one of the most vivid dreams I can remember. I closed my eyes and an owl appeared. As I tried to look closer, the owl turned into a pharoh. I was also born on a Wednesday. I find this material very helpful. I am thankful.

    The Woman in a Basket 5Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing.” 6I asked, “What is it?” He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.” 7Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! 8He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it. 9Then I looked up—and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings! They had wings like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth. 10“Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel who was speaking to me. 11He replied, “To the country of Babylonia to build a house for it. When the house is ready, the basket will be set there in its place.” In Jesus name, Amen!

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