Blood Sacrifices = To Make Sacred


Blood is not just Blood, it is a Sacred essence. Blood that flows to the breast to give Mother’s milk, Blood that flows to the testicles to bring the Sperm of life.

Blood Offering

***Prayer is a form of communication with a Deity or other Spiritual being. Words addressed to a deity usually offer praise or seek guidance, blessing, forgiveness, fertility, victory, or protection. Like prayer, sacrifice is a form of communication with a deity for similar purposes. The word itself means “to make holy.” As distinct from prayer, sacrificial offerings include objects of value and symbolic significance that are given to the gods to earn their favor. The gifts can take many forms, becoming sacred themselves through ritual consecration. The Gods might be offered the most desirable foods or provided with the finest vessels, carvings, tools, and weapons. Historians, however, have often regarded blood sacrifice as the most powerful way to appease the Gods. It was not unusual for societies to engage in both animal and human sacrifice, although the historical trend has been toward a sharp reduction in the latter…

 Blood Vodun Initiation

When there is an imbalance one must give back to the Energy of the Earth. The idea of Blood as token of beliefs is powerful & for many is disturbing. Blood has a role in many Religions: In a Catholic worship of taking communion worshipers drink the Blood of Jesus Christ. Every time you take Holy Communion you are drinking human Blood.

Blood Oro Ceremony

*** A “sacrifice” is defined as the offering up of something precious for a cause or a reason. Making atonement is satisfying someone or something for an offense committed. God said, “I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves. In other words, those who are covered by the Blood sacrifice are set free from the consequences of sin.

All of the many, many Blood sacrifices seen throughout the Old Testament were foreshadowing the true, once-for-all-time sacrifice to come so that, without the Blood, there is no forgiveness. This shedding of Blood is a substituting act. Therefore “the Blood ‘makes atonement’ at the cost of the animal’s life or “makes atonement in the place of the life”

Orisa Blood Sacrifice

The symbolism of Blood as life and applies Blood sacrifices were temporary and only atoned for sin partially and for a short time, hence the need to repeat the sacrifices. This intense ritual has been around forever and still exists today in many parts of the world. There has always been cultures throughout history that have made sacrifice to their God Deities or idols. All in order to please them and to gain favor from them.

Blood Sacrifice To Ifa

There were many times throughout the Bible that sacrificial offerings were made to God. In most cases a virgin lamb was used. You will note that in most animal sacrifices the animal is to be virgin. This is because it is pure. You will also note that God only found Blood sacrifice pleasing. We have the story of Cain and Abel where Abel used Blood sacrifice and found the favor of God and Cain used vegetables and did not find favor with God so Cain got jealous and killed Abel. We have Abraham in the Bible who was asked to sacrifice his firstborn  son to God. Replacing animal life for human life. But then God stopped him for he was only testing him.

Danxome Vodun Blood Offerings

Let’s face it, the Bible is full of Blood Sacrifice and killing all in the name of God. Makes you wonder doesn’t it…

Human sacrifice is the act of killing one or more humans, usually as an offering to a deity, as part of a Ritual. Human sacrifice has been practiced in various Cultures  throughout history. Victims were typically ritually killed in a manner that was supposed to please or appease GodsSpirits or the Veneration of the Dead. For example, as a Propitiation or as a retainer sacrifice when a king’s servants are killed in order for them to continue to serve their master in the next life. 

Human Blood Sacrifice

We have the Aztecs who were very big on Human and Animal sacrifice. It was an integral part of their Religion. They had many Blood thirsty Gods that needed to be pleased. As they saw it, the offering of blood through human sacrifice ensured the perpetuation of the universe. Spanish observers found the practice utterly revolting for Aztecs would take their victims… make them lay perfectly still while the High Priest took a stone knife and cut out their heart.

Blood Offering To Ancestral Staff

The Aztec priests were also into self mutilation. For instance, cutting their own genitalia and worst of all they would take a rope and embed it with large thorns. Then they would pierce their tongue and thread the thorn embedded rope through the tongue. The likes would have to be such an excruciating pain that they would leave their bodies and travel to other dimensions.

Vodun Blood Offering

But the norm is to use that of an animal. For instance, using white doves or chickens. There are many different animals that can be used according to who you are conjuring up. Remember if they are virgin animals, it is all the more pleasing to the Entity. Because Blood has an energy, a life force. Plus, it gives them some substance to take some form.


Orisa Ogun Blood Sacrifice Danxome

 Suri tribal warrior from Omo Valley, Ethiopia drinking cow blood as his morning breakfast

Many African spiritual practices utilize Blood sacrifice to feed Deities and Ancestors. Blood acts like a battery that empowers Spirits and Ancestors to work. It is believed that the animal’s life force is transferred to the Vodun and energizes it after ritual sacrifice. There are many Deities in Vodun, that do not like Blood. These deities are thus not giving blood sacrifice but rather sweet drinks, perfumes, and water. Blood sacrifice is only performed when it is requested directly by Spirits or Ancestors through divination.

** Vodun practitioners believe that animals do not entirely die when they are sacrificed, they also believe that various animals perform different tasks on the metaphysical plane. Various animals are used for animal sacrifice depending on what the Spirit eats and what task is being asked to be accomplished. Animal used in a sacrifice is often cooked and consumed by the entire community. Preparing and eating the sacrificed animal together is also a powerful social bonding tool that brings the community together.

**Blood sacrifice is very dangerous, especially for the inexperienced Diviner or Sorcerer.  You will probably end up the victim yourself by the hands of the Entity that you conjured up.

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