Egbe = Heavenly Mates…

***EGBE-Self Spiritual Component***

Ẹgbe also known as Alaragbo in certain areas designates the heavenly comrades or astral fraternities which are one of the pillars of the Yorùbá indigenous spirituality according to which every human being possesses a “spiritual double” (ẹnikéjì orun) which is formed during the process of creation of the humanly body commonly referred to as “spiritual double” at the moment in which the primordial Source (Olódùmarè) infuses the vital breath (èmi) into the physical bodies from which we are separated at the moment of coming into existence in the earthly realm which remain in the primordial realm. Our ẹnikéjì orun organize themselves into fraternities or societies (Ẹgbe) according to their affinity.

Egbe Orisa Pot
Nŭɖoyεswímὲ= Ifáfọnàhanmí Fátóògùn

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Iyerosun = Opon-Ifa…

***The Divining Powder (Iyerosun)***

Iyerosun is a powder used in the Yoruba Ifa tradition mainly by Diviners in Ifa divination practices to mark Odu Ifa. It is termite dust from the Irosun tree, the Irosun tree is a special tree that is said to have a connection to the spirit realm. Iyerosun is sprinkled on the Opon- Ifa  (Divination tray) and scattered on its face to imprint the Odu Ifa. This powder is very important to Ifa and a competent Awo can use it to perform wonders. This powder has blessed by God  and whatever a Diviner wishes to do with it shall come to pass as long as it is properly done. The position of Iyerosun in Ifa is such that Ikin cannot be used for consultation in the absence of this powder.

Tray set up for sacrifice (Ebo) where Iyerosun is applied

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Atare = Agbon = Odidere…

The Magic of Ataré…Grains of Paradise = Alligator Pepper 

Ataré, aka Guinea Pepper is so called because it is a native plant from the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Other common names for this spice are Guinea grains, melegueta pepper, and grains of paradise.  Alligator pepper is a West African spice which corresponds to the seeds and seed pods of Aframomum Danielli.

Guinee pepper is a close relative of grains of paradise, obtained from the closely related species, Aframomum Melegueta. However, unlike grains of paradise which are generally sold as only the seeds of the plant, alligator pepper is sold as the entire pod containing the seeds.

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Orogbo = Bitter Kola Spiritual Benefits…

!!! Orogbo = Bitter Kola !!! 

*** I have tasted and eaten Orogbo in the physical state of existence. Let my voice and my life attract longevity and sound health in the universe. The force behind Orogbo gives us  the power to enjoy longevity in the universe. Yearly , we set our eyes on Orogbo  at the market place.  I have eaten Orogbo in the physical existence let me live long , live old and live well in the world – let me live a life dignifies of an Orisha devotee before joining my Ancestors.

Bitter Kola also known as Garcinia kola is a tropical flowering plant found in western and central Africa and it produces brown, nut-like seeds. A brown to deep brown peel covers it. This peel is removed before it is eaten. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when it is eaten. It is this bitterness that its name is derived.

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Opele = Ifa Divination Chain

*** History of Opele -Irere …

Opele Ifa Divination
The Ancient Name of Opele = Irere…

An Opele (Irere) is a divination chain used in traditional West-African Religions, notably in Ifá. A Babalawo = Bokono (Diviner) uses the Opele in order to communicate with the spirits who are able to identify the causes and solutions to personal and collective problems and restore harmony with the spirits.

Bokono Using Opele for Afa Divination

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Ori = Destiny & Designator…

**Ori Ni Kan = Ori is the One** Head (Ori) = Inu “Inner Head – Destiny” *** Head (Ori) = Akoko “First Head – Designator” 

Distinction between Heaven (Orun) & World (Aiye) * Heaven contains: Owner – Deities – Ancestors…  * World contains: Human – Animals – Sorcerers…

** Weriweri in heaven – Owewe, who washes away poverty with perfection. It was divined for only one Ori – also for four hundred and one heavenly divinities – Who were going to Olorun the Creator-in-chief – To attempt to split the kola nut of Ase – Ogbon (wisdom) directed them to make a sacrifice – Four hundred divinities defied his order – Only Ori complied, and his sacrifice was accepted.
What was Ogbon’s directive – They were to wake up at the crack of dawn – And pay homage to Supreme Creator – All the Orisa overslept – Only Ori woke up – Rolled himself on the ground in homage Olorun. After this, They went to God, the Creator-in-chief, Who asked Ogbon to present the kola nut of authority. All tried but failed to split it, Only Ori succeeded. And when with the split Kola-nut, he divined. The outcome was favorable.

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Orunmila=Ifa !!!The Mystery System…

                             ***Divine Message of God To Mankind…

Ifa is not merely a collection of Verses, Proverbs, Parables and Anecdotes. Ifa is the embodiment of the totality of human existence.

Orunmila is an Orisha of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Divination. This source of knowledge is believed to have a keen understanding of the human form and of purity, praised as being often more effective than other remedies. Orunmila is recognized as a primordial heavenly beings (Irunmole) that was present both at the beginning of creation and then again among-st them as a priest that taught an advanced form of spiritual knowledge and ethics, during visits to earth in physical form or through his disciples. Orunmila is the spirit of wisdom among the Irunmole and the divinity of destiny and prophecy.  It was also Orunmila who carried Ifá (the wisdom of God) to Earth. Orunmila is considered a sage, recognizing that God placed Ori (intuitive knowledge) as prime Orisha. It is Ori who can intercede and affect the reality of a person much closer than any Orisha.

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Obi Abata=Kola Nut ***Mystical Divination!!!

 ***General Interpretation-Obi Abata (Kola Nuts)***

**Ajo “Awo Ile Aiye” & Abemo “Awo Ode Isalu-Orun” They both usually met at the unknown boundary between Heaven & Earth, they were told to make sacrifice so that a single woman may not cause disagreement between them. They both play deaf & refused to appease Ifa, they said “How can a single woman bring misunderstanding between Heaven & Earth. The Woman is called Obi, the wife of Abemo Awo Ode Isalu-Orun (Heaven). Abemo had gone to consult Ifa; he was told to make sacrifice for a child & money, Abemo made sacrifice for money only.

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OYA = Guardian Between Life & Death

 “In Yoruba mythology, Egungun-Oya is a Goddess of divination. Egungun refers to the collective spirits of the Ancestral dead; the Orisha Oya is seen as the mother of the Egun.”

Oya is one of the most powerful African Goddess – Deity = Orisha = Vodun. A Warrior-Queen, she is the wife of the God Shango, to whom she gave the power to create storms. Much of Oya’s power is rooted in the natural world; she is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms and hurricanes. A fire Goddess, it is Oya who brings rapid change and aids us in both inner and outer transformation. Among the various female deities, Oya stands out as an orisha with which Women relate greatly to the fact that Oya was a great Warrior, courageous and fearless in life.

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Ashe = Mysterious Powers…

            Ashe = Mystical – Preternatural & Esoteric Powers…

***We Speak Things Into Existence – Speak Your Power & Become It – We Are The All In All – Our Power Is Within Us…

Ase – Ashe = (Ah Shay) …   A Yoruba Word Meaning ** Power – Command & Authority. The Ability To Make Whatever One Says Happen. Often Summarized As “So Be It” = “So It Is” = “It Definitely Shall Be”

Ashe-Power is a component of the life force breathed into each human being by God; it is spiritual power; it is the power to create everything – Gods, Ancestors, Spirits, Humans, Animals, Plants, Rocks, Rivers and Voiced words such as Songs, Prayers, Praises, Curses, or even everyday conversation. Existence, is dependent upon it; it is the power to make things happen and change. The power of the Word is an important part of harnessing Ashe.

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