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!!! Orogbo = Bitter Kola !!! 

*** I have tasted and eaten Orogbo in the physical state of existence. Let my voice and my life attract longevity and sound health in the universe. The force behind Orogbo gives us  the power to enjoy longevity in the universe. Yearly , we set our eyes on Orogbo  at the market place.  I have eaten Orogbo in the physical existence let me live long , live old and live well in the world – let me live a life dignifies of an Orisha devotee before joining my Ancestors.

Bitter Kola also known as Garcinia kola is a tropical flowering plant found in western and central Africa and it produces brown, nut-like seeds. A brown to deep brown peel covers it. This peel is removed before it is eaten. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when it is eaten. It is this bitterness that its name is derived.

It has been used in African culture for centuries for both traditional and medicinal purposes. In Yoruba land it is called Orogbo. The Hausas call it Miji-goro, while it is called Akiilu by the Igbos. Amazing health benefits of bitter leaf Bitter Kola was eaten mostly by the elderly people because of their belief that it could prolong life. Bitter kola can act as a serious healing tool because of its strong spiritual properties. Used for rituals and spiritual cleansing; Act as tonic, stimulant, astringent, decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory tool. Used in special protective rituals for suppressing enemies.

The legend concerning the appearance of Bitter Kola states that Kola nut was the original food of the Gods. One day, while visiting earth, one of the Gods left a piece of this nut and people consequently found it.  Since then, the tree stake and the fruits of this plant for their stimulant effects have gained popularity of having some spiritual benefits of bitter kola; they began to be used in the sphere of magic or as a kind of an aphrodisiac. Benefits of bitter cola: wide range of effects The fruits of Kola tree have varied medicinal uses, especially in Nigeria. Bitter kola is primarily used as a tonic and stimulant, for the treatment of dysentery, fever, vomiting, and exhaustion. Bitter kola can act as a serious healing tool because of its strong spiritual properties.

Used for rituals and spiritual cleansing; Act as tonic, stimulant, astringent, decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory tool. Used in special protective rituals for suppressing enemies. Bitter cola can ease the flow of asthma, it can act as an antioxidant and diuretic. Its use enhances alertness and improves physical performance. It improves mood, suppresses appetite and stimulates libido – because of the caffeine as one of its components.

Negative Energies affect people and cause distress to them through their subtle energy. Negative energy can create a variety of problems such as depression, unclear thinking or malfunction of an organ which lead to even further difficulties such as addiction , financial problems or chest pain respectively. Negative Energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

 Bitter Kola Benefit for Food Poisoning: In many rural areas of West Africa, when food is suspected to be contaminated by bacteria or someone accidentally eats food poison, traditional healers often recommend the mastication of bitter kola immediately after eating. This usually prevent the development of any infection or poisoning. Herbalists even recommend the seed and the bark of bitter kola should be eaten together in cases where food poisoning is suspected, it helps to detoxify the system. Bitter kola is not only anti-poison, it also has the ability to repel evil spirits according to traditional beliefs. Though it sound superstitious, many believe it works and do have spiritual benefits.

*** Do you know that bitter kola is one of the easiest ways to increase your Sperm without going through any medical means. The examination has shown that individuals that have the practice of chewing two slices in a day hardly suffer little sperm court. Both Men and Women can gain a lot of benefits of bitter kola when they chew it. People drench the cola for 2 days, mix the cola with heated water to take out the extract, after which it is filtered so the unmixed and plain solution is obtained. Some people like better to take off the back that is the outer layer but it is more effective when you mix it together, by doing this you grow the level of the vigorous effect of bitter kola on sperm. It is believed to cure Male impotence.

Ify Asia Chiemeziem Museum…

*** Unlimited Sexual performance: Bitter kola is the number one Sexual performance medicine for weak Men. No other product can match the Sexual benefits of bitter kola as its give you unlimited performance in bed! This is a new discovery that has made this product a hot cake! Those who have tasted it are living happily now with their couples. And their Women has no reason to look outside. Get like 6-7 pieces of the bitter cola and mix until you get a smooth structure, add water to the blended mix, stir it up and drink. But it is passable when this blended mix is connected with honey, it tends to grow the potency and it is perfect for the individuals who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of the kola.

Bitter kola and honey Healing properties of honey are known for centuries. Bitter kola and honey are two brothers, which heal body, spirit, and soul. Honey and bitter kola are two natural antibiotics, so combining them you double-strengthen their effect. Honey and bitter kola are used both for the treatment of a sore throat and coarse voice, stimulating mucus, they soften the dry throat. The mixture of these two useful products is also used for the treatment of acne due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Now you know about healing properties of bitter kola and honey, these two medicines are given by nature and help in the treatment of many health problems. Why not to use what nature has given us. Chewing bitter kola relieves coughs, hoarseness, bronchial and throat troubles. Several studies discovered bitter kola to be a remedy for dysentery, osteoarthritis, antidote against poisoning and considered an aphrodisiac.

 The importance of Orogbo during initiation process, sacrifice, propitiation of head, prayer and other essential spiritual steps, before and after Orisha activities cannot be quantified, but it is important to know that Orogbo during divination is equally important, if just to be at the pocket of highly revered Babalawo . The presence of Orogbo depicts longevity for Babalawo and those around him, just like the presence of obi means, evil has no portion in the surroundings of a highly respected and honored Babalawo .

Just like any other Yoruba words , the word Orogbo is coined and derived from two words – oro and gbo.  Oro means very small, round, while Gbo means longevity, eternal, everlasting. when the two words are blended together, it becomes a unified and spiritually blessed word called Orogbo , which consequently means, a round fruits that attract longevity, everlasting blessing, enduring health and perpetual blessing of longevity .

During, initiations or any sacrificial steps, or ritual  or propitiation, Orogbo is used to pray for longevity, sound health, peace, harmony, and happiness. Indeed a man with the blessing of long life and sound health, so also his loved ones enjoy the same degree of health and longevity  is indeed a blessed man in the jungle of life that is filled with mishap, untimely death and sorrow. The name of the fruits Orogbo is coined to denote Iwure (prayer), it is a spiritual seed  that establish the power of divinities with abundant trait of long life and sound health . However during  Initiations, Sacrifice or Ajiki , which is early morning prayer, Orisha devotees or seeker of truth through the tradition of Orisha, are required to pray and eat  part of this fruits, to serve as alignment  with the force and natural energies  embedded in the nature. Orisha is a religion or philosophy based on the use of natural materials in the nature .

While Obi Abata is perceived to be a Female fruit energy, that give birth to Male and Female alike, Orogbo is a Male fruit energy  that fail to have lobes or part like Obi. Orogbo can be cut into pieces either by teeth or knife, it has no parts, but a hard fruit that shows natural toughness and ruggedness. While obi is easily breakable with just hand and it is used also to denote the Feminine part of the universal force or energy. Orogbo represents the dominant energy of God with unique characteristics of solidity, strength,  firmness and oneness of energy in the universe. Orogbo symbolizes unilateral force of God which means life, wisdom, strength, victory, longevity and sound health in abundance. Orogbo also denotes that life in any way cannot be explained or invented  except through divine,  spiritual understanding, and wisdom. 

 Orogbo according to above explanation is an object that represents the uniqueness and unified energy and vibration of God in our lives. If all necessary spiritual, physical, mental, moral and emotional obligation are followed, happy lot, success, longevity and sound health will be out lot, that is the meaning of Orogbo .

*** Another importance of Bitter Kola is that it repels snakes. It can be used to chase snakes away. For snake prevention, spread it around the building. ***  

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BIRTH = The First Initiation…




===Initiation = Enlightenment = Transformation…Grasping the root of divine power!!! Birth: The First Initiation…A True Initiation Never Ends. The wisdom you seek is already within you***

***The female Being has been chosen by the Creator to be the Portal between the Spiritual realm and this Physical realm. The only force on Earth powerful enough to navigate unborn Spirits onto this Planet….

Religion–→ A Tool Invented by The Powerful to Control the Stupid… *When the Fire Is Fed with Fuel – Its Character Is Remolded – Its Glory Rise & Shine… (Odi Meji)

** A Harmonious Existence Is The One That Has A Balanced Relationship Between The Physical & Spiritual Realms **

Initiation is a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. It could also be a formal admission to adulthood in a community or one of its formal components. In an extended sense it can also signify a transformation in which the Initiate is ‘reborn’ into a new role. Examples of initiation ceremonies might include: Christian baptism, or  acceptance into a fraternal organization, secret society or religious order, or graduation from school or recruit training. A person taking the initiation ceremony in traditional rites, such as those depicted in these pictures, is called an Initiate.

Initiation Rites: It is common in many Cultures, Religious or Otherwise, to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood by some ceremony. The importance of these ceremonies is two-fold. Firstly, it acts as a watershed for the individual concerned and secondly it gives the community an opportunity to acknowledge the changing status of the young.

African Initiation Rites which are fundamental to human growth and development.  These rites were originally established by African Ancestors while they were living in order to link the individual to the community and the community to the broader and more potent spiritual world.  Initiation rites are a natural and necessary part of a community, as are arms and legs natural and necessary extension of the human body.  These rites are critical to individual and community development, and it should not to be taken for granted that people automatically grow and develop into responsible, community-oriented adults.

The process of Initiation concerns undergoing a fundamental set of rites to start a new phase or beginning in life.  It marks the passing from one phase in life to the next more mature phase.  Initiation fundamentally has to do with transformation, and has been a central component of traditional African cultures since time immemorial.  The details of the rites vary among the different societies, but these rites are nevertheless basic components of the society as they help guide the person from one stage in life into the next stage of one’s life and development, that is, from birth to death and beyond.

The rites are Birth, Adulthood, Marriage,  and Ancestor ship.  A rite is a fundamental act – set of rituals performed according to prescribed social rules and customs.  Each of these rites are a key component that are a part of traditional African cultures.  Some societies have more elaborate and extensive ceremonies than others, but these five themes are the thread that links families and villages in traditional Africa and provide the necessary structure for individual growth and development.  The rites briefly represent an integrated Initiation system that has given indigenous African cultures the stability and longevity to provide a model of consistency and inter-generational unity.

They represent a complete set of devices that prevent the inherent conflicts between various age groups or the systematic ill treatment of women, children, or elders.  These problems are commonplace in western cultures, but they are virtually unknown in indigenous African cultures.  These African cultures were not “perfect” as all human societies have problems, but they do provide a viable example in the modern world of how to solve social conflicts and contradictions and give individual the societal support to discover and fulfill their life mission and unique contribution.

The Rite of Ancestor Ship, which concerns passing over into the spirit world.  This final Initiation rite is an extension of the elder/older distinction because the status that a person has in life is the same status that they bring with them when they pass on.  There is virtually no African society that believes that when a person dies this ends all ties and communication with the living.  Rather, African philosophy from one culture to another agrees that the spirit of the deceased is still with the living community, and that a distinction must be made in the status of the various spirits, as there are distinctions made in the status of the living.

One of the most important distinctions is the difference between an older person who dies and who is seen as nothing more than a “dead relative,” and a respected elder who passes on and is revered as an honored “Ancestor.”  The dead relative dies without honor and is someone who is not remembered as a great person or someone who should be followed or emulated.  On the other hand, a respected elder  who passes on becomes a respected Ancestor and is given the highest honor.  This group of Ancestor wield great power and are often called upon in matters of trouble or uncertainty to help influence a favorable outcome.  Thus, Ancestors are respected elders who have passed away and who continue to serve as an extension of the family and community.

** In the religions of Africa, life does not end with death, but continues in another realm. The concepts of “life” and “death” are not mutually exclusive concepts, and there are no clear dividing lines between them. Human existence is a dynamic process involving the increase or decrease of “power” or “life force,” of “living” and “dying,” and there are different levels of life and death. Many African languages express the fact that things are not going well, such as when there is sickness, in the words “we are living a little,” meaning that the level of life is very low.

Every misfortune that Africans encounter as “a diminution of vital force.” Illness and death result from some outside agent, a person, thing, or circumstance that weakens people because the agent contains a greater life force. Death does not alter or end the life or the personality of an individual, but only causes a change in its conditions. This is expressed in the concept of “Ancestors,” people who have died but who continue to “live” in the community and communicate with their families.**

I was born in the house of wealth, Ifa did not make me rich I was sent to a family of wealth, Ifa did not make me wealthier The father who gave me birth in a mansion of 16 rooms, Ifá says that it amounts to nothing These were the declarations of Ifa for Ori (destiny) and Ìwà (character) Orí is he who can make one become a king But it is Ìwà who determines personal/individual success. Ifá says that if your Orí turns you into a king. Do not lose character Orí influences individual wealth, Iwà is the regulator of wealth, success, abundance. All devotees of the sacred palm tree, to whom ebo is prescribed should offer it.


Orí is the indigenous depiction of the divine essence/seed, the golden embryo that inhabits the physical body – through which it experiences the physical realm. It encapsulates a key concept of the indigenous spirituality: we are not physical beings having spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having temporary humanly/physical experiences. Orí is the individual expression of the primordial seed of Consciousness in the Cosmos. Orí animates the individual humanly experience; defines the boundaries of individual earthly journey according to prenatal choice and contains the individual potentialities to be identified, explored and exploited by the individual through the indigenous philosophical, spiritual and medicinal principles that provide the means for it.

Ìwà is the divine character: the set of moral values promoted in the indigenous philosophy under the ideal of perfect being (Omoluabi) meant to guide the process of deconstruction of humanly nature (lowest calibration self tied to ego – lower passions) and enthroning divine nature (higher self & consciousness) which enables the articulation of individual potentialities; manifestation and materialization of highest destiny and therefore service to Humankind by honoring ifogbóntaáyése principle.

Ifá teaches in here that the articulation of Destiny independently of its nature, greatness, potential, is entangled with Character which modulates and defines its scope of manifestation in the physical realm.

*** Sacred forest: Igbodu or Fazu originally designates the sacred forest in which the initiatory rites in the mysteries of Ifa take place, where the candidate is being revealed and given access to fundamental information concerning the nature of his own humanly experience, potentialities & limitations, qualities & defects, attributes & traumas, taboos & behavioral patterns, Spirits & forces in Nature that will accompany along the journey and with who to develop different types of communication channels.

    IFA & ORISA INITIATION: The Most Profound Journey Of All = Is The One That Brings Understanding To The Truth Of Your Soul.

It must be firstly understood that our Ancestors have shared invaluable knowledge on the spiritual nature & origin of human beings for who existence as divine parcels of the ultimate source of consciousness in the cosmos began long before incarnating into physical bodies through which to temporarily experience the gift of life on Earth. In order to reclaim our divine nature, we must undertake an inner journey of self-exploration and for the most discovery as a sine qua non condition for awakening, stimulating or enhancing our inner fire or divine spark of Consciousness – a process ignited by each & everyone’s inner Spirit or Soul according to the semantic choice or preference through a profound individual ontological reflection on the very nature of the physical existence, the Self and its purpose.

ISEFA: This is when you receive your one hand of Ifa and protection Ide for your wrist. This is a preliminary step to initiation for those who want to receive the shrine of Ifa but are not ready to gain full initiation. This give a person access to Ifa for weekly prayer request, communication, to be able to give offerings to Ifa.
ITEFA: Itefa is full initiation to Ifa. When Initiating to Ifa you will usually prepare ahead of time for the process of receiving the rituals, rites, ceremonies to consecrate your spirit with the spirit of Ifa.
ORISA INITIATION: Orisa Initiation crowns you to the Ase of the Orisa and their spiritual characteristics by placing their power into your spirit via your Ori. Prior to Orisa initiation and after, an Orisa devotee is dedicated to connecting with their shrines and learning and growing in the wisdom of the Orisa. A reading is usually done early on to see which Orisa governs your Ori (inner spirit/head) or it may be revealed through general divination. This gives insight to the Orisa that is important for you to connect to spiritually. Many times, one may receive the shrine of their Orisa prior to Initiation to begin the process of communicating with their Orisa and developing a more personal relationship.

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