ERE IBEJI = Spirit of The Twins

“Behold Twins, Children of The Monkey Do Not Die”

The belief in reincarnation is linked to the Yoruba Ancestor belief. In Yoruba religion it is thought that about two generations after death, every human soul has a chance to return to earth in the body of a newborn, mostly within the same family. The welfare of any family is entirely dependent on that of its Ancestors. Therefore, regular prayers are said and sacrificial gifts are laid in front of a special family shrine devoted to the Ancestors.

In traditional African societies, Twins were considered of preternatural origin and raised emotional reactions oscillating from fear and repugnance to hope and joy. In ancient times, the Yoruba used to reject and even sacrifice newborn Twins. Strangely enough, historical scales were tipped so that Twins are nowadays not only well accepted but welcomed, their birth being an occasion of great rejoicing. It is believed that Twins are able to bestow happiness, health and prosperity upon their family. However, since they can also bring about disaster, disease and death, they will be treated with all due respect, loving and care. Their upbringing is therefore far more permissive than that of other children.

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OGUN = God of Iron…

** A Deity That Strikes Heavily. He Has Water At Home, But Bathes With Blood. He Has Clothes, But He Prefers Palm Fronds…

**Ogun, as historical figure, a fearsome  warrior who fought constantly against the neighboring kingdoms. He made war against the city of Ara and destroyed it. He sacked and devastated many other states, seized the city of Ire, killed  King, installed his own son on the throne and returned all glorious,  even carrying him as Onire king of Ire but for reasons unknown to us, he never had the right to wear a crown, made of small beads of glass assembled, and decorated with fringes  of beads conceal the face, symbolizing royalty among the Yoruba.

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ESHU = Aflan-Kunte


ESHU…Beware of Half Truth; You May Have Gotten Hold of The Wrong Half…Trickster = Gatekeeper = Guardian of the Crossroads = Lord of Chaos = Controller of Ashe

TRICKSTER AT THE CROSSROADS: West Africa’s God of Messages, Sex, and Deceit. When we think of tricksters, we generally imagine folk characters and culture heroes, not Gods. Tricksters either tend to be associated with animal spirits , or are promethean figures, archetypal “humans” who interact with and upset the world of the Gods. But one of the world’s greatest and most interesting trickster figures is not only a God, but a God of high metaphysical content. He is Esu-Elegbara, one of the Orisha, the West African deities that are worshiped in many related forms across African and the African diaspora in the New World.

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Shango God of Thunder…

Seere * Sheere = The Voice of Shango…

“No-One Can Speak On Behalf of Shango Olukoso”
Seere A Small Gourd Had No-One To Serve, No-One To Attach Herself To. Two Other Kinds Of Gourd, Igba & Akingbe Were Serving Oya & Odo Respectively. Seere Consulted Ifa & Ose Meji Appeared.

**She Performed The Sacrifice Required Of Her**

Ifa (Ose-Meji) Made Her Medicine & Told Her To Go As Soon As She Had Eaten It To A Shango Shrine. When She Reached The Shrine, She Threw Herself Down In Reverence To Say: “Hail To You Shango” All The Seeds In Her Stomach Rattled Loudly. Shango Heard The Noise & Was Overwhelmed By It. Shango Called Out In Glee: Bring Out The Bata Drums, I Will Dance Round My Realm. Seere Will Go Before Me She Will Make Noise. Seere Saka Siki – Seere Siki Saka  “Ose Ose Ose” Ever Since Then Seere Has Been Used As The Voice In The Worship Of Shango.

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