Egbe = Heavenly Mates…

***EGBE-Self Spiritual Component***

Egbe also known as Alaragbo in certain areas designates the heavenly comrades or astral fraternities which are one of the pillars of the Yoruba indigenous spirituality according to which every human being possesses a “spiritual double” (Enikeji Orun) which is formed during the process of creation of the humanly body commonly referred to as “spiritual double” at the moment in which the primordial Source (Olodumare) infuses the vital breath (Emi) into the physical bodies from which we are separated at the moment of coming into existence in the earthly realm which remain in the primordial realm. Our Enikeji Orun organize themselves into fraternities or societies (Egbe) according to their affinity.

Egbe Festival Yoruba

Divergences concerning the moment of the separation persist: whether it is at the moment in which the divine breath is infused into the clay by creating a pair – with its symbolic connotation or the separation occurs at the moment of assigning earthly parents which in principle will participate to providing the means & structure necessary to the fulfillment of destiny, no doubt is entertained about the existence of a component of the Self that remains in the non localized realm to which we are connected through a prenatal bond.

Enikeji Orun or “spiritual doubles” are believed to have an advantage over their counterparts in the physical realm by not being subject to the constraints of the physical experience and therefore endowed with an additional degree of freedom. It is traditionally believed that our astral counterparts are identical to their physical projections and carry out numerous activities in similar ways in the non localized realm. It is the part of the Self that remains in the spiritual, non localized, invisible, unknown dimension and which symbolizes our natural bond with such dimension.

As a Spiritual Component of the Self, Enikeji Orun is a source of guidance along the earthly journey as a constant reminder of our spiritual nature: we are spiritual beings having temporary humanly experiences. It is the individual bond that connects each individual to higher levels of Consciousness, a bond that each human being possesses since the moment of creation and that each and every one of us has the responsibility to maintain, cherish, nurture. It must be said at this point that the intensity of such bond varies from individual to individual, in some cases very intense which translates in vivid experiences as they can influence the physical realm usually by making items disappear, in having a particular sensitivity to spiritual phenomena, the ability to interact with in the astral realm, while in many others very subtle.

Egbe Shrine Outdoor

Our “heavenly mates” play a significant role in our lives as previously mentioned not subject to the constraints of the physical realm, they are a source of: guidance, protection, support; awakening, development and exploitation of inner potentialities and access to the vortex of blessings in Nature. A force to be reckoned with in order to have a fulfilling humanly experience. Egbe manifest themselves in our lives through different mechanisms: either by communicating certain messages or simply making themselves present through dreams, making items disappear in the house, through divination or by incarnating in Masquerades under specific conditions.
“Spiritual doubles” or “heavenly comrades” are traditionally organized in very distinctive groups or fraternities. While many of these fraternities are well known, it is said that there are uncountable fraternities which is why no reductionist approach should ever be taken as we often witness nowadays for reasons such as convenience or lack of knowledge when seeking to determine the affiliation to a kind or another.

Egbe Society

Among the most notorious Egbe we find: Iyalode, Eleeko, Jagun or Jagun Jagun, Baale, Asipa, Olugbogero, Moohun, Adetayanya, Ajisafe, Alesinloye, Amori Apa, Traditionally, the affiliation to a particular astral fraternity was first made by observing the behavioral pattern displayed by a child as the corresponding rites were performed at an early age – which is still practiced among the Yoruba that remain loyal to their indigenous heritage and then confirmed through oracular means and members of the society of worship to astral fraternities. Each type of Egbe is therefore associated with attributes & characteristics with which its members are impregnated and identifiable.

Egbe Elegun

Egbe are honored & revered through libations, prayers, offerings and sacrifices either by personal discipline when initiated or devoted to maintaining, nurturing, cherishing or reinforcing a communication channel with them, oracular prescription or directly requested by through dreams or other means of communication.  

Ẹgbe shrines can be found both inside the houses or outside, at very specific places in which they are believed to inhabit or come when summoned as for instance specific trees, river banks, where bonfires are lit (location),…Among the materials used to feed Ẹgbe we find omi tutu (fresh water), ọtí (alcohol), epo (palm oil), ori (shea butter), obi (kolanuts) obifin (white), obi ipa (red), oyin (honey), ireke (sugarcane), agbon (coconut), ogede (plantain), èso (assorted fruit), akara (pounded beans fried in palm oil), aadun (pounded sweet maize mixed with palm oil and sugar), ekuru funfun (steamed white bean paste), ekọ (yam or maize paste), amala (pounded yam), asaro  (yam porridge, epa sise tabi yíyan (cooked or roasted groundnuts), wara (cheese)…in addition to animals offered in specific occasions.

Egbe Festival

***Each type of Egbe has its own taboos which can vary as well according to the family, community, town or region. Egbe can turn into a potential source of imbalance in the life of human beings (Eniyan) which manifests in a vast spectrum of possibilities among which we can find the following cases:
*During birth rites (Ikosedaye – Ikosejaye – Esentaye) – or even during the pregnancy, the oracle may warn that the new born baby belongs to Egbe Olugbogero (Gbogero), also known as Paaka Inu Abiku from which we find the Abiku literally translated as “we are born to die” which are characterized by exerting a strong influence on the earthly counterparts which often translate in death at a premature age (either causing miscarriage or infant death) even though Abiku relates in a larger perspective to all those who die before their parents by breaking the natural course of life as experienced on Earth.
*Experiencing nightmares can also be induced by Egbe when seeking to call someone’s attention which is later confirmed through oracular consultation as other forces in Nature can induce sleep disturbance or nightmares. Egbe characteristic signature is dreaming about having sexual intercourse. Having wet dreams is associated with the influence of Egbe.


*Certain people have made covenants with their spiritual counterpart or “spiritual double” prior to embarking on their journey to the earthly realm, and even some people have Oko/Aya Orun “spiritual spouses” who can cause all sorts of difficulties when their counterparts plan to marry someone on Earth (even causing the death of their earthly partners or spouses). Even though it is generally associated with women, the phenomenon also exists in the case of certain men. That is why the planning of traditional weddings includes an oracular exploration to determine whether the future bride & groom have spiritual covenants with their counterparts or not – which must be treated through spiritual technology in the positive case – in order to ensure a successful marriage. Some people have their Enikeji Orun associated with potentially harmful, toxic, wicked or dangerous Egbe as not all Egbe work in favor of their counterparts and therefore for the welfare of humankind but instead as disruptive or destabilizing forces in which case the bond must be cut or interrupted for the person to evolve and progress in life.

Orisha carriers at Egbe Festival

*In the case of children, certain characteristic behavioral patterns displayed and identified by parents and the family may suggest the influence of their Egbe. Among such behavioral patterns we find: kleptomaniac or nymphomaniac tendencies, stubbornness, violence, insolence, running away from home…
*As previously mentioned, certain Egbe cause the disappearance of physical objects or items for which a person makes others responsible causing all sorts of problems, suspicion, conflict…
*Some people may be called by their Egbe generally during the night by hearing  voices calling their name but unable to identify the source which can be disturbing to some…

egbe - spiritual double

*When Egbe are persistently ignored, they can block the access to the vortex of blessings in Nature and provoke at will all sorts of setbacks, problems, misfortune, calamity, or disaster in the life of the person concerned as often illustrated through the following verse of Ifa Ogunda Ofun: When he was having a dispute with his astral comrades They said: “when you were farming We were together” Ajankulu mokulu why do you curse us When you were making the heaps We assisted you – When we were harvesting yams We were together –
When you were harvesting sorghum We assisted you – Ajankulu mokulu why do you curse us.

Ese (verse) that reveals a situation in which Orunmila stopped to acknowledge, serve and honor his astral fraternity which began to generate their anger making him lose valuable items. Orunmila thought that thieves had to be responsible for such losses over time and in anger decided to place a curse onto them by relying upon medico-magical preparations for such purpose. After producing no substantial effect, he decided to consult the oracle that revealed the nature of the problems that he was experiencing. He was advised to appease his heavenly comrades accordingly and complied with the prescription. By so doing, balance was restored and his valuable effects were returned.

Egbe Shrine Yoruba

In order to correct such situations after oracular inquiry and confirmation, initiates rely upon sacrificial technology a type of ritual meant to correct any imbalance generated by the Egbe which is known as Idiru Egbe or Igba Didi and medico-magical preparations Akose to through which to restore balance with heavenly comrades. In certain cases however, sacrifices and special devices or charms won’t suffice and the person will require to establish another form of covenant with astral peers by undergoing the initiatory rite known as Irari Egbe.

Egbe Annual Ceremony

Egbe: Spiritual fraternity – neutral energy is a plural energy, considered as our great savior. Worshiping Egbe can mean the breaking of a pact with our suffering. Regardless of the source of one’s problem, regardless of the type of one’s suffering, our spiritual friends and brothers from the parallel invisible world will help us, they will give us health, make us strong, so our life will be valuable to us, our life will be important to us, so that we will liberate ourselves from destructive ideas and feelings. Through the fraternity of Egbe we can receive useful messages and visions even better.

Taboos: *Adin oil – *Swearing/Cursing while feeding Egbe – *Mode of feeding Egbe is fed with singing, dancing, while either kneeling or sitting…. 

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  1. As I have just begun this spiritual path, your information and very enlightening and educational. Thank you so much. I am grateful to the Universe for bringing you my way. Ashe’

  2. Thank you very much for all the information. Today was special for me my Egbe was fed and many were invited and sang and chanted. I felt very happy watching, and I know my Egbe is too. I also had food and drinks cooked and given out to all who came and my Babalawo told me he had never seen so many people come before, so i kept sending them to get more food so that all would be happy and satisfied. I really enjoyed your article. Ase oo

  3. Thank you sooooo much for this information. Explains soooo much I see going on in my life, my family an friends lives. Modupe Chief Yagbe Owolowo Onilu

  4. Aboru aboye Chief Yagbe, Adupe for this wonderful knowledge. 1.Wondering if Egbe Orun exist in Benin ( Fongbe/ Gungbe) or Togo (Mina)? 2.If so, what names do Egbe’run go by in those cultures Peace, power & prosperity

    1. These egbe exist in those countries but they usually relate it to one of their deities called odan(o-than) and those that show characteristics of egbe omi are called or related to mammy

  5. Have been having problems related to my egbe mainly on how to feed them so they can restore my life but its has been in vain, have wasted a lot of money going to different places of different people churches, Alfas and so on but nothing worked. This burden has affected me so much that I seek solutions in dreams. Everyone keep telling me to feed my egbe after feeding them ooo which means it didn’t work or probably they didn’t accept. Have also tried feeding them myself still not working. Am broke and exhausted nothing works pls help me. I also don’t know the egbe I belong to.

    1. Did you know the irawo you are using and also did u know the egbe you belong to cuz those are part of the thing that usually not allowing them to collect it

    2. Olá bom dia yami abençoe hj e sempre para vc entender .elhir sobre caminho prosperidade amor direcionamento etc no oráculo de ifá vc terá a resposta certa aonde ifá mostra oq realmente está acontecendo e porq nada aconteceu ok !!!

    3. Yes I understand ur feeling I experience the same thing too ,there are so my fake priest and whatever, my dear the moment you feed ur egbe at the right place and it is don correctly trust me ur egbe will come to you in ur sleep, but most especially pls try to feed ur head,they ibo ori or so ,once u feed ur head ask ur head to direct u to the right place were ur problem will be solved pls during this period be very sensitive and pay attention to ur dreams,every of ur questions ur head will show it to u,all those babalawo apprentice on Facebook and Instagram pls becareful the real baba is home not on Instagram some of them have not even finished learning the run to open Facebook Instagram, they will make it problem increase and worse for u ,,,yeye osunfunmise osunfumilayo go check her on Facebook and Instagram, she’s one of the good ones she helped with everything

  6. This is really amazing..I have always believed I have Egbe cus mostly a lot of the signs stated out occurs to me ..but I don’t know how to go about it .am an Igbo girl born and brought up in Lagos …I believe I have Egbe n I really wish I can talk to them or appease them so they can be of assistance in my daily life .

  7. Duharemis Hola quisiera saber còmo puedo representar a mi Egbe para poderlo nutrir y alimentar. Tengo un Sacerdote Ifa muy bueno que nos esta ayudando a entender esta cultura pero aun no logro discernir como representar a mi Egbe Mi correo es:

  8. I have be in this situation for so long, I don’t know how to appease my egbe and I don’t know which one I belong to. Please help me.

  9. Thank you so much I always read this post. I accepted my Egbe , brought them home and feeding them . Things have been changing. I feel free now. I will like to hear from you. Let’s talk pls

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