ESHU = Aflan-Kunte


ESHU…Beware of Half Truth; You May Have Gotten Hold of The Wrong Half…Trickster = Gatekeeper = Guardian of the Crossroads = Lord of Chaos = Controller of Ashe

TRICKSTER AT THE CROSSROADS: West Africa’s God of Messages, Sex, and Deceit. When we think of tricksters, we generally imagine folk characters and culture heroes, not Gods. Tricksters either tend to be associated with animal spirits , or are promethean figures, archetypal “humans” who interact with and upset the world of the Gods. But one of the world’s greatest and most interesting trickster figures is not only a God, but a God of high metaphysical content. He is Esu-Elegbara, one of the Orisha, the West African deities that are worshiped in many related forms across African and the African diaspora in the New World.

While he embodies many obvious trickster elements– deceit, humor, lawlessness, sexuality–Esu-Elegbara is also the God of communication and spiritual language. He is the gatekeeper between the realms of Man and Gods, the tangled lines of force that make up the cosmic interface, and his sign is the crossroads. In the figure of Esu-Elegbara, the West African tradition makes a profound argument about the relationship among spiritual communication, divination, and the peculiar chaotic qualities of the trickster. But before we investigate Esu-Algebra’s character, we must first place him in the general context of Orisha worship.

The Legba of the Fon-Benin cannot be correlated exactly with the Esu of the Yoruba-Nigeria. For the Yoruba, Esu can be a nastier, more malevolent being, though he still delights in contradictions, and, to a lesser extent, sex. Where there is confusion or arguments, he is there. The violence and lawlessness of Esu’s desire is demonstrated in an a tale related about Esu-Agberu, the father of all Esu. Esu’s mother offers him a bounty of fish and fowl, and Esu eats it all, and, not sated, eats his mother as well. Orunmila hacks Esu into little bits, which fall all over the earth, becoming individual shards of Laterite-Yangi stone. Orunmila catches the remaining spirit of Esu, and to placate his father, Esu promises that all the Laterite-Yangi stones will become Esu’s representatives. All Orunmila has to do is bless the stones, and they will do his mystic bidding. Esu then coughs up his mother.

He is a figure of the greatest importance. Both in the generalized form in which he participates in the worship of the Vodun (Spirit) pantheons and more particularly as guardians of entrances to villages, to markets, to shrines compounds, and houses until he is bought into the closest association of all with a man’s personal destiny (Ifa). In these terms Esu, the arch individualist,  the personification of the being who loves mischief, knows no inhibitions, recognizes no taboos, dances to challenge injustices, even on the part of the creator and to expose them. He is a moralist only when it suits his impulse. His favors can be had at a price, but only if he is disposed to grant them.

1422499_692439830810195_593907766418557910_nEsu is the seventh and youngest child of the creator. “As you are spoiled and have never known punishment”. The creator tells him “I cannot turn you over to your brothers.” There is no kingdom left assign to him and he cannot be made subject to such elements as earth, sky, sea, atmosphere, the forest and their wildlife or energy force. Your work shall be to visit all the kingdoms ruled over by your brothers and sisters to give me an account of what happens. Esu thus becomes what is described as the creator linguist. He is the interpreter for Vodun (Spirit) and men and women before the creator for he alone commands all known tongues.

Esu is named – Aflan-Kunte meaning ” I have deceived you” to go to Vodun (Spirit) one must first past Eshu to make Ifa one must pass by Esu. And all Men and Women must have their Esu as a personal guardian and this is also why the dog is respected as the animal of Esu. He used his penis to make a bridge Penis broke in two! – Travelers fell into the river. Esu makes us recognize the fundamental relation between sex and the evolving, continually reconnecting cosmos. “He is the living copula, and his phallus symbolizes the real distinction between outside and inside, and the wild and the ordered.” Esu did not want to acknowledge that he had slept with mother (Gbabu) and her daughter (Minona). The creator ordered that his penis shall always be erected and that he may never be appeased. When Esu dances he tries to take any Woman who is at hand.

 Who is Esu Alaje = Esu Alaje: owns currency and wealth, lord of economic prosperity. This Esu circulates the currency in the world that owns the financial movement. He works on the money and trade. This Orisa helps with the buildup of wealth, avoids the decrease in economic growth. Esu Alaje is an extremely supreme Orisa that anyone who truly desires wealth, economic prosperity, growth maintenance of wealth must have in their possession. Esu Alaje is the spiritual energy responsible for controlling wealth. And trade attracts economic growth, prosperity over, any kind of currency that circles in the world anyone who consecrated Esu Alaje. You can do it well you will never lack in any form of trade. Its role is to distribute the strength of the Orisa Aje to its supporters. Esu Alaje: Has his own Bouzios as an altar, for him being his address not being a common Esu. It says that Esu Alaje is the gratitude of wealth and lord of those who seek this aid.

** Until a man had entered the forest to trace the eight lines of his destiny, he must never erect a great Esu in front of his house, since where Ifa the writing of the creator is absent, Esu may not be present.

Divination Stories: There is the tradition that all stories have come from Ifa, the personifies system of divination. “Everything that happens on Earth has happened in the sky before. So Ifa and Esu can advise human being because they themselves have discovered how to meet every possible situation in the sky.” There is no one stronger than Esu, expect the one that is equal to God in all things. God’s power is greater than Esu’s power by far. Also Esu’s power is greater than human’s. Heaven is not profitable for Esu, so the world is well for him.

Elegbara the link between the visible mortal world and the invisible immortal realms. The means and the avenue between them, the vertical access of the universe. As guardian of the sacred gateway, it is Elegbara who brings contact with the other Orishas. Elegbara must be first to be ritually saluted. The Crossroads is the most important of all ritual figures. whether drowned in flour on flat ground or traced in the air. The sign of the Crossroads is always the juncture where communication between two worlds is established. Where the traffic of energies in forces between them is setup.


Esu is the God who has access to Power – Ashe , the immanent  power of creation which the supreme being gives to the earth, and which can be possessed by some people. Esu receives Power – Ashe when all the Deities journey to the supreme God to find out who is the next most powerful. Each brings a huge sacrifice, carrying it on his or her head. But Eshu consults the oracle before he goes, and finds that all he needs to bring is a bright red feather set upright on his forehead. When the supreme being sees this he grants Eshu the Power of Ashe, because Esu had shown his unwillingness to carry burdens, as well as his sensitivity to the power of information.

Esu shows us that one must “cultivate the art of recognizing significant communications…or else the lessons of the crossroads–the point where doors open or close, where persons have to make decisions that may forever affect their lives–will be lost.” Esu is a Yoruba deity. His colors are red and black. Red represents the active masculine force, and black, the mysteries of the unknown or unseen. He is the owner of the crossroads between the physical and spiritual realms. He is the owner of Ashe. Esu also reminds us that awareness of our humanity is needed for our journey through this life form. 

Perhaps the most famous Yoruba story about Esu concerns two inseparable friends who swore undying fidelity to one another but neglect to acknowledge Esu. One day Esu walks on the dividing line between their fields, wearing a cap that is black on one side and red – white on the other. He saunters between the fields, exchanging pleasantries with both men. Afterwards, the two friends got to talking about the man with the cap, and fall to violent quarreling about the color of the man’s hat, calling each other blind and crazy. The neighbors gather about, and then Esu arrives and stops the fight. The friends explain their disagreement,  Esu shows them the two-sided hat all this to chastise the friends for not putting him first in their doings.  Moving along the seam between two different worldviews, he confuses communication, reveals the ambiguity of knowledge, and plays with perspective. So Esu is a master of exchange, crossed purposes, or speech. This is why his shrines are found both at crossroads and at the market, for he is master of such networks of desire. 

The Fon have a wonderful way of imagining Legba’s mastery of crossings. Mawu tells the gods that whoever can come before her and simultaneously play a gong, a bell, a drum, and a flute while dancing to their music would be chief of the gods. All the macho gods attempt and fail, but Legba succeeds, not just demonstrating his agility, but his ability to maintain a balance of crossed or contrary forms and forces. Legba dances not only to the beat of a different drummer, but to the beats of many different drummers at the same time.

Orita Meta – Road Junctions

EBO = Sacrifice Is Surrendering Oneself or A Thing That Represents Oneself For The Benefit of Oneself or Others. Men & Women Cannot Find Favor With God Except Through Sacrifice & Appeasement…  Sacrifice For Survival Is What The Awo Is Offering…

Aboru Aboye Abosise O = Lift Your Burden From Earth & Raise It To Kingdom of The Immortals. May Your Sacrifice Be Blessed & Accepted.

Onile Orita: This is the name that reveals its alliance with Iyami Osoronga, together they are responsible for alleviating human suffering. It is at the crossroads that paths cross giving way to new opportunities.

Names: Esu –Lalu (Esu the wealth and honor of the city), Ogiri Oko (the person who is hard as rock), Akeregbaye (The person who is small but in control of universe),  Lagemon Orun(the scared child of heaven), Esu Odara (one who can do and undo), Alakalu (one whose greatness manifest all over the world), Onibode (The gate keeper) Esu Agbebo – Esu that accept the Ebo ( sacrifice) Esu Apede – Esu that can be sent out to bring people for consultations – Esu Awure -Esu that bring lucks and prosperity – Esu Elegbara – Elegbara mean the powerful, made with clay that to open paths and prosperity – Esu Alaje -This is Esu for creation of wealth which is made of wood with cowries around its neck. Esu Ogo/Esu Onigi – This is Esu made for health and wealth It is made of wood and with many beads on its neck – Esu Ija – This Esu element which is good for fighting.

Fataah Ewe = I love your posts and presentations, songs, all. Adupe, Baba!

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  4. Thank S Baba for enlightening me [us] Eshu has been in my life, showing himself to me but I did nt understand nor have a teacher , because of nt knowing what to do , I lost my last son to enemies , I was told to do ebo , but I did nt kn what to do , since then I am trying to learn as much as I can , 2 weeks ago I dreamt 3 coconuts in a triangle in my yard , I did nt understand what to do with it , 1 week after my dog was strangled my enemies sent evil on it , then I realized why Papa showed me the 3 coconuts in the yard …

  5. Wow, such rich imagery. I love it. Need an idea for another article? I would love to read an article about the common roads of Eshu imported into new-world worship, especially whats missing 😉 Very poignant angle on a hard concept. A must-read for devotees and those interested in understanding.

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