Secrets of Water…

***I Tell You The Truth, No One Can Enter The Kingdom of God Unless He/She is Born of Water & The Spirit…

*** Water is a mystical element that can transform our lives if we are willing to open heart and mind to its gifts. No matter what the specific health or fitness goal, one cannot achieve the maximum benefit from any health program without drinking the right kind of water in the proper amount. Without sufficient water to constantly wet all parts, your body’s drought-management system kicks into action. When histamine and its subordinate “drought managers” come across pain-sensing nerves, they cause pain.

Many religions also consider particular sources or bodies of water to be sacred or at least auspicious.

A Water Deity is a deity in mythology associated with water or various bodies of water. Water deities are common in mythology and were usually more important among civilizations in which the sea or ocean, or a great river were present.  Another important focus of worship of water deities were springs or holy wells.

Experts in the scientific communities as well as homeopathy and holistic sciences have proven the “memory” of water; the carrying capacity of water for “energy,” and the ability of water to “remember”. Experts realize that water retains information, even after the most stringent purification and filtration processes. This is termed the energy signature or vibration imprint. The vibration imprint of toxins can be picked up by the water molecule and are in turn passed on to living organisms.

The true nature of water, which is the source of life – is unknown.

We still know very little about the fascinating properties of water and its secrets. Water hides a lot of power that we are able to release and shape with the help of the energy of our strong emotions, both positive and negative.

Messages from Water – Claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Water reacts to our words and depending on what we say and what emotions accompany our words, it creates either beautiful and harmonious shapes or ugly and irregular ones. Water has a memory – a memory far longer than our transient lifetimes. Water is an amazing substance capable of efficient gathering of information from all things as soon as it comes in contact with them.

In an experiment, water was exposed to different sounds and messages of hatred, anger, love, blessings, traditional music, etc, and then analyzed it in a microscope. The results were amazing: when the words or sounds were negative, the waves emitted from these sounds generated ugly and shapeless crystals in the water and, on the other hand, when the words or sounds were kind and positive the crystals had beautiful and perfectly well defined crystals.

Water Is Powerful It Can Wash Away Earth, Put Out Fire & Even destroy Iron. Water Can Carve Its Way Through Stone. And When Trapped, Water Makes A New Path… Water is “probably the most weird substance on Earth,” It behaves very differently from other materials. Water is indispensable for humanity, we use it for almost all our activities. When you dream and you see water in your dream, it can mean variety of things. Seeing water in your dreams could mean Wealth – Peace of mind- Happiness – Anger…

To See: …A flowing river in your dream it mean your journey in life is clean and running fast it mean the dreamer is progressing developing with no disturbance. If the river is running slowly it mean the dreamer is not progressing in his or her journey of life.  A violent water in your dream it mean the dreamer is likely to encounter big problem beyond his or her control. It also mean the dreamers should control his/her temper.  A muddy or unclean water in your dream  mean that the dreamer dwell his or her life in negativity, the mind of the dreamer is beclouded by negative thoughts. The dreamer is experiencing halt or stoppage in his /her spiritual, physical and economic development.

A water deity is a deity in mythology associated with water or various bodies of water. Water deities are common in mythology and were usually more important among civilizations in which the sea or ocean, or a great river was more important. Another important focus of worship of water deities were springs or holy wells.

 Nothing Is Softer or More Flexible Than Water – Yet Nothing Can Resist It…

Without Hands & Feet This Mighty Water Can Drive Mountains… 

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6 thoughts on “Secrets of Water…”

  1. Aboru Aboye Baba,

    So in gratitude for the sharing of wisdom on the subjects of Obi Abata, Calabash, and the Witches. Your sacrifice of traveling, studying, and ongoing research in IFA has been a blessing to us in the Diaspora. May you life be sweeten with Long Life and Prosperity.

  2. Ela moyin Aboru, Aboye, Abosise Oloye, it is wonderful to see your work on Ifa and the culture of African Traditional Religions in all aspects and in their depth. It is important as Yeye Maya Angelo passed the torch of learning that, “as we learn we must teach” and this is the gift that you have set before us. Again thank you for your knowledge and the continuation of education in Orisa and more……
    Ifa gbe wa O! Ire O jire O! Iya Abiye Awo Agbaye, Oloye Fayomi Falade Aworeni Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo Temple

  3. Greetings Baba Yagbe,

    I much appreciate your reminder of this divine substance, that most people completely underestimate. Please continue to enlightened us with articles that reawakens our curiosity. Adupe o!

  4. Tyra Mcgill = I love this article I was having a difficult time one day and I searched on the internet and I came across this article; I walk down to the river and I sat for about an hour or more by the time I left I felt so much better.

  5. What a visually stunning post! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful images and for the deep information. I really appreciate the part about what water means in dreams, since I dream of it a quite often. Much gratitude for all your great work Yagbé

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