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“The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you; they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.”

**A MAN WHO TAKES HIS TIME** A Man so in tune with your energy, your mood, your expression that he knows what you need without an explanation. A Man who doesn’t push you away when you’re upset or frustrated. A Man who knows how to stand with firmness and calm in his masculine while your feminine works it out. He’s taken time to get to know your mind and your body. He sees you, he listens to the little things, even when you don’t know he’s listening. He learned how to connect with your mind, and he’s learned how to touch your body. He’s able to slow things down and read your body’s response to his touch. He doesn’t rush, he’s not pleasing you for his own release. It’s for you with no expectation, no pressure, no manipulation, no games. You can let go because he’s created a space of absolute respect and trust. He knows when to kiss you softly, when to hold you gently or when to consume your mind and body with masculine power and intensity. Only a Man who takes his time gives a Woman time to experience every level of response, layer by layer, deeper and deeper until her mind, body and soul all explode together. Only a Man who takes his time can give her a release of what lays caged beneath her surface. And only a Man who takes his time will ever glimpse the heights of ecstasy a Woman is capable of; her secret remains hidden to all others.

An Awakened Man’s Apology To Women: As a Man, I feel sorrow that women and feminine energy have been suppressed for so many thousands of years on our planet. Everywhere we look, Women have been disenfranchised. Throughout history, we have raped and abused you, burned you at the stake, bought and sold your bodies for sexual pleasure, barred you from religious and political office, relegated you to subservient chores, forced you to hide your faces and even cut off your organs of sexual pleasure.

Although I may not have done these things personally, I am aware of the forces in the masculine psyche that are responsible for dishonoring the feminine. I take responsibility for those forces and choose no longer to be run by them. I do this on behalf of all men, in order to usher in a new era of co-creation. I commit to treat your heart as the sacred temple it is, and I commit to celebrating the feminine in my intimate relationships as well as in my relationship to all life. I acknowledge that the religions of the past several thousand years have been mainly founded by and propagated by Men.



















You are awoken in a way that no longer draws an ordinary Man. Wise Woman, wild Woman, Ancient muse of artists and poets, you crave a partner who can discern your siren call. You’ve been the shadow that’s slipped past him on moonlit walks, when he’s been searching for his heart. He’s reached out to grasp you but the time was never right. Like a wisp of wind, you’ve eluded him on his journey toward enlightenment. Perhaps he was not ready, perhaps you weren’t either, while you’ve been soaking your bones in mystery and reading sacred texts, he’s also been feeding his mind with poetry and prose.

A Man with a deep voice and gruffness and grunting—at least sometimes. I like a Man who can occasionally cuss without apologizing, mixed company or not, and that will laugh heartily. I like a Man who can wake up next to me with my hair tussled and knotted and grab my ass and say, “Come over here, my sexy, beautiful Woman.” A Man that I can feel naked with—emotionally exposed and fragile & tender – who doesn’t feel threatened by my blatant femininity. I bow to you, the men who leave us breathless. You have mastered the complexity of what it means to love a Woman. Perhaps when you were new to us, you found love at the hand of some generous teacher, someone who knew that to receive one must give. A Man like you resists our pleas for mercy, while our eyes close and our mouths reach for the thing you use to tease us with. Thank you for knowing us enough to please us. Thank you for giving without expectation of receiving. Thank you for finding the secret places that thrill us, and whispering such tender and freely given “I love you.”


















She’s Opening Her Phoenix Code… That is because she’s ignited a sacred fire inside her that holds the fire of the sun. It’s burning to ashes all that is untrue in her life. No one else but she herself can now shine the light to who she’s becoming. She’s always looked for mentors and idols to emulate. Not anymore. She’s evolving into a Woman who is unique. No one in her world really fits the template for who she is becoming. She’s realizing that at this time she has to fall back on herself to mold, forge and craft her new self. The key to owning all of herself, is to be her own source. She’s remembering the art of reincarnating in the same body. The more she stands in her own singularity, the better she fits into her world.

We Women crave men we can rely on. We want Men who complement us. We don’t want to compete with you. We want Men to know our core desires, honor our brilliance, beauty, personalities, and capabilities. We want Men who lift us up, not ones focused on tearing us down. We revel in the present and look for men who can take us to the future. We will not give away our precious energy.

“I believe that if some Men would just stop trying to impress all Women and simply focus on the physical and emotional needs of the one they are with, their lives would be far less expensive and much more fulfilling.”

We are willing to go to great lengths to develop ourselves emotionally. We will not apologize, minimize our feelings or sell ourselves short for self-entitled brats who want to be the prize. We want you to stand for the greatest version of us. We will not fluff you up emotionally. If a Woman is bold enough to tell you she wants you or likes you, you need take the reins. We won’t cater to your insecurities if you lack the ability to feel our love. We will not shovel reassurance at you. If you want us, come get us. We will not wait around. We look for authenticity and integrity. We want the real deal. But our intensity… our bitchiness… it has an origin. We know when we’re getting less than your best. We want your love and affection. We crave your admiration and adoration. We want you = We need you.

  The Head That Should Not Go Naked Will Find A Cloth Seller When The Market Opens 

**Clear your heart of all the anger and frustration left by the wrong Men of your past. Erase their presence from your heart so that when you meet the right artist, you can present him with a clean canvas. One that will allow him the freedom to paint you a brand new picture…one far more beautiful than anything you’re heart has ever seen; unrestricted by your past and with the limitless possibilities that only the love of the right Man can bring.

There is, indeed, a fire burning over the earth, taking with it plants and animals, cultures, languages, Ancient skills and visionary wisdom. Quelling this flam and re-inventing the poetry of diversity is perhaps the most important challenge of our times. Sensitivity to nature is not an innate attribute of indigenous peoples. It is a consequence of adaptive choices that have resulted in the development of highly specialized peripheral skills. But those choices in turn spring from a comprehensive view of nature and the universe in which Man and Woman are perceived as but elements inextricably linked to the whole.

HOW TO TOUCH A WOMAN: It’s not where a Man touches his Woman as much as how he touches her that makes her feel safe. It’s not his touch that matters as much as the energy of his intent. And when all of these are aligned it’s not even a touch needed to make her shudder, but a word, a breath or even just his gaze.

Wild Woman + Spiritual Seeker = Choose A Man Who Will Serve & Feed Your Soul…

The return of the sexual priestesses Once upon a time, perhaps you remember somewhere deep inside, Women ruled the world… Not just any women. Sexual Priestesses. They were natural leaders and chosen for this reason. They were the healers. They were the Prophetesses. They were the truth-speakers and seers. They knew the way and knew how to show it to others. They never misused power, because when you truly have it, you never need to. They knew what we have forgotten… That touch is true magic. That the language of the body is the one that most intimately carries all the secrets of the universe. That ecstasy and pleasure are our sacred birthrights. That the moon, sun and stars bow because our beauty is so great, and we need never forget it. That nature has endless energy and gifts to give us, without our ever really needing to take anything from it. They were pure embodiments of their Goddess selves, and they spread the radiance and love of the divine in everything they did…

These Women gently, powerfully, and lovingly led the world to always remember the deeper truths of love, and now their teachings are needed on the earth once again…their return will happen through you and me. We will re-embody these ways and access the memories that may whisper most sweetly of all, deep in our souls. Returning to these ways will also quench our heart’s deepest thirsts, and light the fires we thought we could not be re-lit…

These Sexual Priestesses knew how to heal with sexuality, a sexuality they might choose to explore and express with only themselves at times, with one or two chosen lovers, or with many. This was the choice of each Priestess just as it is and will be now for each of us. While there are no longer the same temples for us to choose to live in and practice from, we will make one of each of our homes and the places we gather. And while there are no longer the same clear examples of exact ways to practice as a Sexual Priestess, we can remember those from the past and find the new ways to bring them into our lives now…

The Sexual Priestess did not lord over others. She knew how to respect and revere the beauty in all souls, and all genders and gender expressions, and helped reflect and draw out the gifts in all people. A person of any gender can be a natural and perfect leader, but just as it was long ago, it is a time on the earth when this specific female example and leadership is and will be a perfect balm for the wounds of the past, and the ideal inspiration for entering into a new era…

Perhaps while you’ve been listening to the whispers of forest spirits and leaning against wise old trees, he’s been a step or two behind you, aching for the sound of your steps on the sodden moss. You have seen him in the cards, he’s illusive but he’s real. He’s a challenge, he’s unafraid to speak his mind. He’s a Man who knows his path. You need a Man whose strength is in more than his hands. You need a Man whose character makes your heart pound, your body lose control. He’s the kind of Man who will drink your essence but who won’t worship you, because he knows how real you need to be.

 I love a Woman who has built up strong walls around her heart. It tells me that you’ve been through some things and, not only are you a survivor, but from those experiences, you’ve learned how to better protect yourself. You’ve also learned the true value of your love and now getting close to your heart is not that easy. Her secret desire is to be ravished, lovingly forced open in unbearable pleasure, and taken fully open to love by a Man of deep spiritual wisdom, strength, humor, sensitivity and integrity.  

***Never feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. It doesn’t matter if they’re a sister, brother, mother, father, lover or childhood friend…You don’t have time for someone who causes you pain or takes from you more than they give. Constantly evaluate the nature of your relationships and don’t hesitate to banish someone from your orbit if they’re toxic to your soul…. Is it time to take out some trash in your life.

Any guy can spoil you with materialistic things, but the right man can do way more than just that… He can spoil you with understanding, listening, honesty, loyalty, affection, communication, and he can spoil you with happiness…You are awoken in a way that no longer draws an ordinary Man. Wise Woman, wild Woman, ancient muse of artists and poets, you crave a partner who can discern your siren call. You’ve been the shadow that’s slipped past him on moonlit walks, when he’s been searching for his heart. He’s reached out to grasp you but the time was never right. Like a wisp of wind, you’ve eluded him on his journey toward enlightenment.

I no longer force things. What I only have Space and Energy for things that are meant for Me. You simply come to know yourself as Life Itself. And you turn towards the wounded place. And you flush it with attention, which is love. And maybe the wound will always be with you. Maybe you will always walk with the hurt. But now, you hold it. It doesn’t hold you. You are the container, not the contained. The One who is always present. The One who can bear even the most intense feeling states. The Indestructible One. The Infinite One. The Powerful One. You.”

Patricia Heath = Your site is one of the best in all of the internet! I recommend it to all!
















THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT A WOMAN’S HEART: *The tougher she appears on the outside, the more fragile and feminine she actually is. *A woman’s heart is sacred, delicate and vulnerable. The more often she has been wounded, the thicker you will find the walls. *It wants to be liberated to express itself fully; it wants to shine and create more life and love. *So she waits for the man who will love her wholeheartedly and fiercely, who will not be deterred by the walls and will go straight for her heart. *You don’t conquer a woman’s heart, the power is too strong. Connecting to it is similar to trying to harness the wind, the ocean’s surf or fire. You’ll never win if you do battle with it, it’s when you move in harmony with the force of its power that you become one.

**A woman quickly learns to be guarded. She knows that there will be many men who will go after her body while some will come to her for emotional healing. A woman lets down her guard only when she knows that her lover will protect and cherish her heart. *The man she gives her heart to won’t see her as a trophy, a conquest or a substitute for his mother, he will have the desire and capacity to love her for who she she truly is. *She puts up a shield of capricious behavior and unreasonable requests in order turn away the selfish takers and wimpy pleasers. Her challenges are designed to connect only to a man with genuine courage and sincere intent.

***When a man fails her test, her trust in him will be shaken. Unless he corrects the course and proves to be strong enough and still devoted to her, her heart will become hidden and guarded again. She will always have more challenges to make sure that he is not dwelling on his victories, that he doesn’t become lazy, comfortable or passionless about her or life. She does this to ensure he remains driven by a purpose, striving to make the world a better place.

“I believe that if some men would just stop trying to impress all women and simply focus on the physical and emotional needs of the one they are with, their lives would be far less expensive and much more fulfilling.”

!!! The purpose of relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness. My dear Beautiful, Strong Woman remember this… Chemistry does not equal “love.”  “Loyalty.”  “trust or commitment.” Chemistry equals, “Attraction.”

Attraction without love, loyalty, trust, and commitment equals absolutely nothing. In the end, chemistry may be what initially brings you two together, but it is the love, loyalty, trust and commitment that will keep things from falling apart.!!!

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