Obi Abata=Kola Nut ***Mystical Divination!!!

 ***General Interpretation-Obi Abata (Kola Nuts)***

**Ajo “Awo Ile Aiye” & Abemo “Awo Ode Isalu-Orun” They both usually met at the unknown boundary between Heaven & Earth, they were told to make sacrifice so that a single woman may not cause disagreement between them. They both play deaf & refused to appease Ifa, they said “How can a single woman bring misunderstanding between Heaven & Earth. The Woman is called Obi, the wife of Abemo Awo Ode Isalu-Orun (Heaven). Abemo had gone to consult Ifa; he was told to make sacrifice for a child & money, Abemo made sacrifice for money only.

It is getting late in life, Obi has no child, she became sad, she ran to marry Ajo Awo Ile Aiye (Earth). Ajo heard & performed sacrifice for a child. Obi then got a single child for him. Then the year rolled by, the time for outing ceremony of the child came by Obi followed Ajo to meet Abemo. He was so angry to see that Ajo kept his wife for a whole year without sending her back to him, so Abemo began to say bad words to Ajo who voluntarily brought his wife from the world to meet him.
**The fight became great between them. Obi moved clear from them to observe them, nobody to separate them, it became a bitter fight. When the two became exhausted and began to rest, then Ajo said, “It is a stupid fight that is staged between Heaven & Earth, there is no one to separate them, so that there may be confusion in heaven & on earth that is why Obi left me for you. Alright, you Ajo Awo Ile Aiye do not want us to ponder, and keep our words in the pocket. The Two of them became pleased, they came to an agreement and they decided to kill Obi, the source of the fight between them.
Obatala was passing by and found the dead body of Obi by the tree, he raised her up and asked her how she got there. When Obi finished telling him the story of how she got there, Obatala answered, It is alright, I cannot question them, what they did is not bad. So, he tied Obi Into the same bag, hanged her on the side of the tree he found her from, he went his way…
We Break Obi (Kola Nut) To Settle All Concerns Between Heaven & Earth   

**Six (6) Various Types of Obi-Kola Nut

Akiriboto = Single Obi – The most uncommon types of kola nut according to mythological stories the kola nut has been maned to henceforth become subdivided into more than one lobe. This type is called “Akiriboto”. This type is mostly used for medicinal purposes.
Gbanja = Two Lobes Obi – Comes in both white and red colors with majority in white color. It is usually big in size and it is the one mostly preferred for chewing by many kola nuts buffs for snacks or stimulants. It is not used for asking questions from the Orisha, divination, or any ritual, because it has no differentiation lines within the lobes and so it is not regarded for any ritual purpose, because it lacks the Male or Female characteristics.
Eta-Obi = Three Lobes Obi – Regarded as being special to Eshu-Elegbara and other Orisha or for special medicinal use.
Iya-Obi = Four Lobes Obi – Regarded as the Mother Obi. She is eaten both by the Orisha and human beings. The Iya-Obi has two male lobes and two female lobes. It is this equal number of Male and Female lobes of the four-lobe kola nut that make it very suitable for asking questions or for divination purposes. All divination systems other than Ifa, the accuracy of their responses to questions is not always reliable, because they could not be made to clarify detailed aspects of questions or responses. As a matter of fact, the Obi does not entertain asking the same questions more than once. It also does not respond to questions in variations. It usually answers Yes/No questions outside its designated Odu codes when used for that purpose.
Olufuwa = Five Lobes Obi – Said to belong to Oshun, the Deity for puberty, whiteness, and cool serene water. It has the female lobe or the “Ofa” which have a double Female characteristic making her bottom ending look like a delta of a river. For divination purposes, the “Ofa” is always taken aside and given to Eshu from the lot and only two Males and two Females are used.
Iwarefa = Six Lobes Obi – Regarded also as a special kola nut. Usually used for special occasions. It is used mostly for very sacred activities particularly the Awo Ogboni, who name their top-most hierarchy of the Iwarefa. During the coronation of Kings and the installation of important chiefs, the Obi Iwarefa is used.

*Prayers To Obi (Kola Nuts) = It is kola nut that pushes away death – It is kola nut that pushes away diseases – It is kola nut that pushes away loss – It is kola nut that pushes away all the malevolence forces – Pushes away death from us – Pushes away loss from us – Pushes away all the malevolence force.

*Obi (Kola nuts) can be offer alone on its own without any other items to any Irunmonle and Orisa. This can be in form of prayers, propitiation, and veneration *Obi (kola nut) can be offer in conjunction with other items prescribe during Ifa consultation or items that is meant to feed the Irunmole or the Orisa in question. *Obi can be used to entertain a fellow initiate *Obi can also be share in place where meeting is been held, naming and wedding ceremony.
== For proper use in divination, the Obi Abata (Iya Obi) must be of four segments, consisting of Two Males (Ako Meji), and Two Females (Abo Meji). These segments represent an equal balance in the forces of “light” corresponding to the masculine force and “darkness” corresponding to the feminine force. To get an accurate oracle in consultation, the four segments should be cast on a clean ground, flat bowl, plate, or tray. Water should be sprinkled on the ground as a means of offering libation to the various Orishas before casting the Obi Abata.

**One thousand and one questions can be asked in a day, but the same question must NEVER be asked twice, or else the questioner will be deceived. The subject of inquiry must be always stated before the Obi Abata kola nuts are cast. The Obi Abata Oracle can be performed by either a Man or a Woman. Yoruba traditional customs indicate that the Obi Abata is favored among Women as a means of consulting, and assisting in the Ifa system of divination.

***Same Obi (kola nut) cannot be used to pray for two different persons unless they are doing joint prayers or veneration. Same Obi (kola nut) cannot be used to feed or venerate different Orisa even though you have them in same location.

The Language of the Obi:  When the Obi is to be used for divination either as a medium in her own right, or for asking procedural directives during the process of or after the completion of a sacrifice, or for asking questions in the presence of another Orisha.  It is important that the Obi to be used must be very clean and a complete whole seed. The Obi that is meant for use should be selected from a pack and should be properly washed and placed in a clean container or piece of clean white cloth.

Casting The Obi Abata:  The Obi for divination or asking questions should first be put into water, and the person to cast her must take a sip of the water in which the Obi is in three times before he/she picks out the Obi from inside the water. Before taking out the Obi from inside the water, the water should be sprinkled upon the Orisha or ebo three times or if it is meant for divination purpose the water should be sprinkled on the ground where the divination will be casted three times. The Obi should thereafter be carefully broken up into its constituent Lobes, allowing for no scratch or bodily damage.

***A knife or any metallic instrument should never be used to break the Obi open, so as not to interfere with her degree of accuracy, which could be altered say for example when she comes in contact with Ogun’s iron.

Reading the Obi:  In Obi Abata Divination, about Nine (9) positions of the Obi’s Lobes formation after a throw are each a coded Signature loaded with meaning such as will answer or give explanations to questions asked in response to various and specific enquiries. When the Obi is cast for asking questions in the presence of a Female Orisha,  Oshun, Yemoja, Olokun etc. The reading of the Male/ Female meaning is reversed. Then the Female Lobes are read as mostly positive, while the Male Lobes are read as may-be or less positive.

I. Idiwo/Oyeku: All Four Lobes Facing Downwards

Orisha says that this cast could either mean that you are about to come into an abundance of Good Luck or that a fight or quarrel is imminent. It is always presumed that the abundance of Good Luck is what the Orisha is talking about. Because of the double language of the Odu, a recast is always necessary for clarification. So make a second casting. The casting of the four Lobes facing down is also making reference to the possible birth of twins of the taking of special care for the twin children. It also talks about a pregnant woman who needs Orisha’s attention. She should give ebo to Obatala.

***Darkness, death and many obstacles. From it you derive unhappiness, sickness, and great fear. It may also sometimes offer protection, avert sudden death, and dangers.

II. Aje/Ija (Fight): One Female Lobe Facing Up

Orisha says that this is a may-be negative indicator calling you to give the Orisha what you are owing them, and that is why negative forces are present or surrounding the inquiries. Watch out for sickness or trouble that might be ahead. A second casting is necessary to clarify if the first throw signifies sickness, accidents or bad luck.

***Good fortune, financial prosperity and comfort. It is said that this formation brings good news.

III. Ilera = Ifa Wa: One Male Lobe Facing Up

Orisha speaks of a reinforcement of the positive influences that are abound now. Orisha says one should make Sacrifice so that the favorable trend can continue. Orisha says that no charm nor medicine have been affected by negative vibrations. Orisha says that you should not put a curse or make negative wish for anyone so that it might not come to pass.

*** Good health, singleness of purpose, and good prospects. Those Lobes which are down may also add more emphasis depending on their positions.

 IV. Ejiko = Ejire: One Male & One Female Lobe Facing Up

Orisha says that this is a may-be “Yes” indicator, a marriage of convenience. Ejiko is also called the “Twins” and regarded as an indicator of continuity. Whenever this figure appears, it is greeted with thus “Good Luck, & Continuity” Appease the ground with cold water before proceeding…

*** A good omen for all undertakings, also speak of friendship when one Male and one Female Lobe lay open together.

V. Akoran = Ire: Two Male Lobes Facing Up

Orisha speaks of a reinforcement of the positive influences that are abound now. Orisha says one should make Sacrifice so that the favorable trend can continue. Orisha says that no charm nor medication have been affected by negative vibrations. Orisha says that one should not put a curse or make negative wish for anyone so that it might not come to pass.

*** A quarrel or trouble, possibly relating to a court case. It is often described as a difficult problem.

 VI. Ero = Odi: Two Female Lobes Facing Up

Orisha says that this is a negative indicator, Iya-Mogun (Witches) are showing displeasure with you. They disapprove of habit/food or interest in the question asked. A Sacrifice should be made for the Orisha on behalf of a sick person. Orisha says “No” to this question is final. Make Sacrifice to appease Iya-Mogun.

*** Everlasting and Peaceful rest…

 VII. Akita = Ishegun: Two Male & One Female lobes Facing Up

Orisha says that this is a very positive indicator. if your inquiry is about love relation or marriage proposal. This position of the Obi is a sign of victory. the enquirer should neither fight nor put a curse upon anyone. He has overcome all his enemies.

*** Good health, controversy among enemies, joy. May predict the birth of a Male child.

 VIII. Obita = Ota Iwa: Two Female & One Male Lobes Facing Up

Uncertainties and a very slow trend is abound. Sacrifice and propitiation for Ogun is the key to getting back on a smoother path. Avoid getting into a fight or unnecessary annoyance. Treat loved ones with care and be patient with work mates.

*** Brings peace, happiness, comfort, sometimes this can predict victory over enemies or court case.

 IX. Alafia = Ogbe: All four Lobes Facing Up

The indicators are that good health and happiness will continue in abundance. Orisha says that traveling is in the air with possible rewarding and gainful outcome. For those who are connected with overseas trading, expected shipments are just arriving at the port. Orisha Ibeji (Twins) is about to look upon the enquirer.

*** Pure light, happiness, confidence, long-life and prosperity…

When examining the various patterns of formation in the Obi Abata (Kola-Nut), the reader must keep in mind that the direction of the Lobes plays an essential role in understanding hidden messages which are relevant to the ways in which the Masculine and Feminine forces are moving within the Signature cast.

Obi Abata Divination = Serves as a useful guide for decision making in day-to-day activities. Questions and matters affecting one’s destiny, health, love, marriage and wealth can accurately be answered…Obi Abata, the type of Obi used in divination, is made up of four and five lobes that are split open and used as both an Oracle and as offerings to the Ancestors and Orisha. It is the Obi Abata that is a staple ingredient in most sacred Ifa-Orisha rituals and celebrations. Though other configurations of the Obi may be used in various ways, it is the four lobed Obi, also known as Iya Obi (The Mother Obi).

The person who desires to have his/her fortune told must first invoke the Obi. Ask The Question and cast The Obi Abata on a clean ground, a flat plate or a tray. This system of Obi Abata Divination can be used by either sex. The individual using the Obi Abata must therefore specify whether the question is personal or for his/her mate or client. The answers may be altered to fit from husband to wife, children, society, a whole community or country etc.

 Reactivating The Obi Abata (Kola-Nut): The Obi Abata like any Orisha sometimes refuses to function according to expectations. Various reasons may be insinuated for this primary of which could be perhaps unclean body of the caster or sometimes highly charged atmosphere. If after a few casting of the Obi Abata, particularly during the process or conclusion of a Sacrifice or in the presence of an Orisha, there is no positive response from the Obi Abata. Obi Abata might have to be pampered to reactivate…

*** When two Lobes of the Obi Abata stand over each other, it could signify the interest of the Iya-Mogun (Witches) in the matter. If the Female Lobe climbed over the Male Lobe, the reverse is the case, it could signify prosperity and Wealth.

**Gúnnugún ni ò to rí abe f’árí – Erè lawo àbàtà Adífá fún Èjìòbàrà tí yóó pa’bì f’Éríwo – Ò bá dúrò o mó’bì f’Éríwo Èjìòbàrà, ò bá dúró o mó’bì f’Éríwo Èjìòbàrà

==The vulture doesn’t get bald as a result of razor Anaconda snake is the priest of swamps Cast divination for Eji-Obara who will throw Obi for spirituality
Do not wait to give Ifa Obi Eji-Obara. No matter the challenges you are facing, we shouldn’t forget to offer the most important ingredient, Obi to Ifa… 

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