EGUNGUN: Ancestral Spirits…

***Egungun = Life After Death 

***The concept of Life and Death transcends physical notions of Noise or Silence. It has a metaphysical dimension that is reflected in these words: Those who are Dead are never gone – They are in the brightening Shadow and in the thickening Gloom – The Dead are beneath the Earth – They are in the quivering Tree – They are in the groaning Wood – They are in the flowing Water – They are in the flowing and still Water – They are in the Hut; they are in the Crowd – The Dead are not Dead.

!!! The African, confronts Death with the Rhythms & Music of life !!!

               Light as a feather! This is how softly your Ancestors might speak to you. And this is why you must listen intently – not just with your ears, but with every fiber in your being. They spoke to you yesterday, they speak to you today, they will speak to you tomorrow and they are speaking to you right now. But you’ll never hear them unless you are willing to sit in silence, to hear the powerful messages that are landing as gently as feathers.

Opa Iku

Egungun is regarded as the collective spirits of the Ancestors who occupy a space in heaven, hence they are called dwellers of heaven. These Ancestral spirits are believed to be in constant watch of their survivors on Earth.

EGUNGUN MASQUERADE: Is the resounding voice of Egungun – The compatriot brother of Oro – The death of loved ones is unbearable – while they detest us joining them untimely? The day of its initiation into the realm of Ancestors by “Ikurarafin” is unknown to Man, while that of its sibling remains a mystery to Woman. The gap between human past and present is unmeasurable, It is unfathomable to human brain, but the chain of continuity will not let go. We are here on Earth living the purpose we know not, while you were there with full and perfect knowledge. The communication between the dead and living is unimaginable because no human can stand the radiating glory of Ancestors, necessitate the reason for their superlative decorated regalia called “Eku”. We are far from you, but close to you in spirit. Accept our offering of Akara, that we might receive your blessing to achieve what you do not live to achieve.

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ZANGBETO = Enforcement & Order…

 !!! Zangbeto Masquerade Have Supernatural Powers !!!

Zangbeto are the traditional Vodun guardians of the night in the Yoruba religion of Benin and Togo which are known as the “Night- Watchmen”. As a nominal, it represents a group of men who are involved in policing the community and who also double as members of Zangbeto as a cultural Masquerade group during public performances. Zangbeto is also used to convey the notion of a socio-cultural phenomenon made up of a series of beliefs and practices. As an institution, it is backed by an oral history that accentuates its origin as an Egun concept, not an alien or imported one. Sources consulted on the origin and history of Zangbeto asserts that it has existed before we were born and was handed down to us by our forefathers .

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