Birth of Vodun Education: National Geographic

Xevioso Ceremony Danxome

Djembe Fola Dembele Sidiki Ivory Coast

Revodution Education: Ifa – Afa

My Bolga Online:  Talata’s Amazing Pogne Dance… 

ReVodution Vodun Education: Ifa Song Yoruba

Gelede Ceremony: Chris Spence

Vodun Ceremony Africa: Christina Malla

Zangbeto Vodun Togo/Danxome: Hounon Simeon Agamaleté Gabligodo

Zangbeto: Agogo = Gankogui =  Bells Ensemble
Video: Hounon Simeon Agamaleté Gabligodo
***Dedicated to all players and lovers of Sekere!!!

In this hugely popular video, Yagbe Onilu teaches the fundamentals of playing the Sekere family:

  • Akeshe – Sekere – Agbe

HERITAGE: The Vision Continues…  Fundamentals of Bells…


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  1. Hola Chief Yagbe, Beautiful Website – Very Nice…. Hope all is well. Saw your post on the twins which had me wanting to read further and it brought me to your site. Nice!!! Many blessings, Elena

  2. Aboru aboye, Very informative site. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Deeply appreciated. Much needed. Peace and Blessings abosise Baba Modupe oo

  3. Greetings! I just found this site, and I love it. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful knowledge and culture. Living in amerika, most dont come up with much instruction about our afrikan heritage and im just starting my adult journey to really get into it and i appreciate everything i can get. this is a great site. thank you soooo much!! much love, yanifa

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